Jonathan Shapiro

Jonathan Shapiro, better known as ZAPIRO, is South Africa’s “king” of political cartooning. His work as a cartoonist began in earnest with a wide range of political and progressive organisations. Zapiro’s cartoons appear in many newspapers around SA, namely The Sunday Times, The Star and The Mail and Guardian.

In 2001 he became the first cartoonist to win a category prize in the CNN African Journalist of the Year Awards.

Zapiro has created a lot of controversial cartoons especially when it comes to ANC President, Jacob Zuma. Resulting from cartoons in 2006 and 2008, he is currently being sued by Zuma for defamation amounting to R7 million.

He has published sixteen cartoon collections:

The Madiba Years (1996)
The Hole Truth (1997)
End Of Part One (1998)
Call Mr Delivery (1999)
The Devil Made Me Do It! (2000)
The ANC Went in 4X4 (2001)
Bushwhacked (2002)
Dr Do-Little and the African Potato (2003)
Long Walk to Free Time (2004)
Is There a Spin Doctor In the House? (2005)
Da Zuma code (2006)
Take Two Veg and Call Me In the Morning (2007)
Pirates of Polokwane (2008)
Don’t Mess With the President’s Head (2009)
Do You Know Who I Am?! (2010)
The Last Sushi (2011)

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