Your Customers Shoes – Sarah Bauling

Holidays – you gotta love them!

As a family we set off on one of our regular annual getaways. The house was stunning, the views perfect and we were in the mood to just “chill out”

Janet, our housekeeper came in daily and did a splendid job. At one point she was washing the dishes as fast as we were using them. I looked at her apologetically and said ‘please don’t stress about these dishes, we’ll sort them after lunch.” Her reply “you’re on holiday, how often do you get to do that? Just relax and enjoy!”

The truth is, it would have been easier for her to say “thanks” and be on her way, but she did everything in her power to make sure we had an amazing 7 days away.

The net result? First of all we left her a great tip, secondly we have definitely placed that resort on the top of our list for next break and thirdly we would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great week away – no mess, no fuss!

By taking a moment to “stand in our shoes”, realising that we “just wanted to be on holiday”, Janet made out stay even more amazing than it already was, and we have become her “Loyal Raving Fans.’

For you it may be “just another day”, perhaps even “just another sale”. But for your customers whatever it is they are buying from you could be their “once in a lifetime”.
Make it awesome and fantastic, take a moment to stand in their shoes and enjoy turning your customers into “Loyal Raving Fans”.

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