Your call is important to us…… – Sarah Bauling

Really! Then why aren’t you answering my call?

We live in a fast paced techno world with machines that can apparently do the work of 10 (or maybe even more) human beings.

I don’t know about YOU – but for me the “Your call is important to us” drives me nuts – I don’t feel IMPORTANT when people seemingly ignore me!

Do you have a machine system that tells you how many people were waiting on your automated voice system?
Do you know how many people gave up because the “you’re caller number 15” seemed a little daunting?
Are you able to identify if those lost calls were potential clients, repeat clients, unhappy clients, delighted clients? THOSE are the questions that need to be raised and carefully considered.

Can you put a value on those lost calls?

Was it worth putting in a 10 man machine instead of employing REAL people to deal with people?

I am all FOR technology, just be careful that you don’t lose the personal touch when it comes to dealing with people.

Customers want to feel important, they want to be heard and they want to be helped!

Make sure your clients know that “their call IS important” to your organisation by making sure you simply have the staff to answer their calls and turn them into Loyal, Raving Fans!

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