WTF South Africa? What’s the Future? – Daniel Silke

UntitledBusiness, politics, the economy, corruption, leadership, society, the World – So What’s the Future, South Africa?

Nkandla, the Gupta’s, the Spy Tapes, unemployment, low growth, ratings agencies, protest actions, elections and Pravin Gordhan – who could ask for a more volatile mix of issues all buffeting South Africa at present?

In his latest presentation WTF South Africa? acclaimed Political Economy analyst & Keynote Speaker Daniel Silke delves into South Africa’s troubled times. He analyses the context of all these events and the possible impact on business and politics into the near future.

Silke does not hold back. It’s a hard-hitting, yet ultimately positive and highly entertaining account of a troubled nation in the midst of some very serious domestic and global challenges.

From volatility in China to the USA; from a dip in emerging markets to similar dips in commodity prices. From falling GDP and rising unemployment to political factions, the future of Jacob Zuma and looming elections, Silke covers it all.

It’s fast-paced, its informative and its real. Book Daniel Silke’s latest WTF South Africa keynote now!



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