Work Life Balance!? GET A LIFE – Michael Mol

On your marks, get set … think.
Why is it that despite the speed and efficiency of
 the 21st century there’s still too much to do, and 
too little time? We live our lives in the fast lane, but are in danger of falling asleep at the wheel. Exhaustion has become the most prevalent health epidemic in modern times, yet we continue running on empty, tipping the scales and upsetting the balance – begging the question: “Are we really living at all?”
There is an answer, a distinct, proven remedy to manage the all consuming 24/7 work ethic. “It’s about time!” you exclaim. Actually it’s not … it’s about Energy. Time is only valuable when it intersects with energy. What matters is not the amount of time spent but the energy that’s invested in the time that you have, whether at work or at leisure.
Since Energy is defined as the capacity to do work, every business requires adequate energy to drive successful execution. Energy is therefore the fundamental currency of business, and arguably the most important asset of any organization.
As the late Peter Drucker said: “Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy, and then to help orchestrate the energy of those around you.”
Managing energy, not time, is the key to sustained high performance and satisfying work life balance, or better still: Work Life Integration. That’s the foundational mainstay of the keynote presentation: Get a Life. This simple yet profoundly fundamental paradigm shift will assist individuals and organizations to accomplish more, in less time, with a higher level of engagement and a better quality of life.
Take Home Value
This precept will assist individuals and organizations work smarter, not harder – through harnessing, concentrating and restoring that valuable human resource called energy, and applying those principles to work and life.
There are 1440 minutes in a day … just 90 of those could dramatically change the way you spend the rest of them.
“The secret to lasting success, individually and organizationally, lies in how we manage our energy.”
Marcus Buckingham

Author: “First, Break all the rules” and “Now, discover your Strengths.”

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