Women’s Day – Gaynor Young

We’re teaming up with various organisations to celebrate the amazing women in our midst, women who work incredibly hard, in-and-out-of-the office. For the months leading up to Women’s Day on 9th August, we have selected some real powerhouse women to showcase to you!

Gaynor-150x150Gaynor Young’s horrifying accident on 9th December 1989 sent shock waves around the country as news of her terrifying five-storey offstage fall while understudying the lead role in a production was released. At first, close friends were notified that she was all right, but as the days after the accident wore agonisingly on, Gaynor Young remained in a coma, and it became obvious that she had suffered serious damage.

Amazingly Gaynor survived, and her story of hope and courage leaves audiences around the country marvelling at her inner strength and determination to get over her unfortunate accident. The fall left Gaynor 60% blind with partial brain damage, 2% hearing in one ear and no peripheral vision at all. But with grit, determination (what she calls sheer stubbornness) and faith, Gaynor Young has survived these devastating odds.

Four and a half years after her accident Gaynor Young fulfilled a promise she made to herself, appearing once more on stage, this time to tell her incredible and heart-warming story in her production “My Plunge to Fame”. Gaynor Young’s story is about frustration, agonising acceptance and bravery, It is poignant, hard-hitting and terribly funny. There are moments of incredible sadness, but there are also moments of pure joy as she recalls her work in the theatre; as she relates with great humour her search for the right job; the memories she has of the sea and constant tunes and melodies that play in her head. There are some wonderful one-liners, apt and to the point, where you find yourself laughing uproariously with her. Gaynor Young’s story is one of hope. She will make you laugh through your tears. She will move and inspire you with the infinite courage of the human spirit. She will change your life.

In July 2000 her book My Plunge to Fame was published. In May 2004 Gaynor’s second production Gaynor Rising – The Celebration of a Life was put on at Theatre on the Square in Sandton to standing ovations. Although Gaynor is now based in George, she is available to deliver presentations around the country.

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