Women’s Day – Candice Mama

We’re teaming up with various organisations to celebrate the amazing women in our midst, women who work incredibly hard, in-and-out-of-the office. For the months leading up to Women’s Day on 9th August, we have selected some real powerhouse women to showcase to you!

download (1)Candice Mama was born to young couple, Glenack Masilo and Sandra Mama. At the tender age of 8 months old Candice Mama lost her father to a brutal murder conducted by former hit squad commander Eugene De Kock. In late 2014 her and her family decided to meet with De Kock in a meeting conducted by The National Prosecuting Authorities (NPA). An encounter that went on to make international headlines.

Due to the following reaction from the young woman, shown in the following excerpt “My encounter with the man who murdered my father dubbed Prime Evil – Eugene De Kock” as featured in the City Press she wrote “…Twenty-two years and a few months later here I am with my family ready to finally meet the man who took away not only my father but so many others, friends, husbands and sons. I was surprised at how I froze and allowed my mom to lead the line of questioning until I became present again.

With every question asked and every answer given, my empathy grew for this complete stranger who spoke so sincerely I couldn’t help but let my defences down. I looked in awe as I witnessed myself crying not because of who I had lost but because I saw a man who was created by a regime and who took a fall for a government. A man who lost so much more than I would bare had I been in the same situation. I left having felt like I had just been lucky enough to meet one of the most brilliant thinkers of my time and someone who was also a victim to a system of indoctrination. I had forgiven him then but having met him, I can say I have been changed by this encounter forever.”

Having done countless national and international interviews Candice’s views did not waiver, even going as far as being an advocate for his release for parole which was granted in early 2015. At the age of 23 Candice Mama, has overcome losing her father, living through abuse and coming out on the other side with hope, love and eternal optimism.
She is now sharing her story of personal triumph, forgiveness and self-love.

Her Motto is: “You and only you have the power to rewrite how your story will end”

Candice’s dream is to pick up the baton from her father and continue to help South Africa move forward in a positive direction. Addressing the new challenges being faced in a productive and long lasting manner.

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