Why Strategies are not Implemented – Tlou Mathatho

Coming up with creative ideas is exiting and makes one feel creative and that they are a vital part of their organization.  The sad part about this is that many organizations have good strategies on paper but lack the discipline of systematic and consistent execution of such strategies. It takes a well cultivated culture of discipline to have business ideas implemented to yield the desired outcome.

The following are some of the roadblock of strategy implementation.

1). Lack of a sense of urgency.

In many organizations there is a laid back syndrome that chokes the effectiveness of staff members.  This is mainly because in many such organizations the “do it now attitude” is just not there in the vocabulary of many of the organization’s employees.

2). Lack of clarity on responsible persons.

One of the things that should help organizations to have a high execution rate is having a clear activity plan. The activity plan should indicate the relevant persons who are responsible for the implementation of such strategies.


When systems are rigid and are structured in such a way that they make  it difficult for decision making that has to facilitate prompt implementation of strategies very little can be achieved.  Organizations should make their procedures to become more flexible in such a way that they become friendly to the process.

4). Lack of implementation scorecard.

There has to be a system that traces the effectiveness of your process together with you staff members throughout the implementation process. When the scorecard is considered every department has a tool by which they can measure themselves.

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