Why social media is necessary – Jeff Kirk

social_media_iconsSocial media has proven to have a major influence on businesses and the events that they conduct. If you think that your company does not need to be on social media or feel that it might not be necessary to interact consistently, you might want to reconsider.

Chief Operating Officer of Corporate Magic Inc, Jeff Kirk, shares some of his insights on this topic.

He states that there that not having your brand or events on social media can cost you more than you can imagine and suggests that if you do not know how to utilise Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc to your advantage then it is about time you learn. Jeff Kirk lists 5 ways that not being in the social media loop can cost you.

1. Missing Customers

If you would like to get more customers then you need to be where they are, and they all over social media. It’s like free advertising, people are able to to ‘like’ and ‘share’ your event page and help you spread the word. If they are not on Facebook, they are bound to have a Twitter or Instagram account.

2. Encouraging the competition

Your competition has most likely implemented a social media strategy and by avoiding social media, they already become better than you as you hand over your success them.

3. Discouraging post-event excitement

Times have changed, conversations are happening online. The goal of any event is to get people talking, attendees should be excited to get home and spread the word and social media platforms such as Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter allows them to do so on a larger scale. You can keep track of this two-way communication and watch your brand go even further than your region.

4. A sad reputation

Nobody gives a company the reputation it deserves unless it shows that it is willing to move when the world says “move” rather than sitting comfortable in the past.

5. Eliminating the community feel

Individuals attending your event already feel like one big community before they even arrive. Setting up a Facebook page allows people to connect beforehand. Other forms of social media allows you to post information of your upcoming events and take polls. Individuals who participate in this interaction will better enjoy their experience with your company and you don’t run the risk of eliminating a community feel at your events.

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