Why Choose Daniel Silke to present on South Africa and Analyse its future?

cccBecause he’s pretty accurate – and entertaining too!

Daniel’s final general election predictions were pretty precise. He was within 1% of the ANC’s final tally, 2% of the DA and a remarkable 0.40% off the EFF’s final tally. These predictions were better than a number of major opinion polls commissioned nationally during the campaign and more accurate than many pundits’ projections.

Daniel correctly predicted that an emerging urban/rural divide would characterise our politics – and the results from Gauteng, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town bear this out.

Daniel has constantly advised clients that the ANC is unlikely to be unseated at the polls and any significant change is more likely to come from a split in the Alliance rather than the Opposition being able to rest power.

Daniel has constantly been of the view that the EFF would get fewer votes than COPE did in 2009. He also correctly predicted the demise of COPE and the poor performance of the IFP and Agang very accurately.

Daniel has advised clients that the election result would on the surface indicate a degree of political stability but that the core issues of policy confusion and paralysis, ideological schisms and factional/personality differences will continue whatever the outcome. The core debating point in the near future will be whether the government can actually implement its National Development Plan economic blueprint despite its 62% majority.

During the campaign, most major media houses in South Africa carried Daniel’s comments including CNBC Africa, ANN7, Bloomberg, France 24, ENCA, Business Report, IOL, 702, Cape Talk 567, Business Day Newspaper & TV, The Citizen, Fin24, News24, You, Huisgenoot, Classic FM Power FM and a host of community radio stations.

Following the election and with a view to the immediate future, Daniel currently is presenting a fully updated Keynote entitled “The 2014 Election and its Aftermath”. This presentation offers a deeper analysis of the results and implications (and predictions) for the political and economic future of the country.

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