Who’s your “KEN”? – Sarah Bauling

A couple of weeks ago our gate motor simply stopped working. Of course no time is a good time for this to happen, and even worse when it happens on a Sunday afternoon.

Without a second thought I asked my husband to “please get the gate guy out asap”.
He searched for “Gate guy – Ken” on his phone, an hour later Ken arrived, and 30 minutes later our gate was working.

If you had to ask me what Kens company name is the truth is I actually do not know!
Does he charge less than anyone else? I have no idea!

What I DO know is that whenever our gate motor needs a repair or someone is looking for a gate repair guy – Kens our man.
Why? No matter what and no matter when, if we call he is there in a flash, job done and dusted.
He is easy to get hold of and an absolute pleasure to do business with.

So, who are your “Kens”? What makes them stand out as your preferred suppliers?

And more than that – are YOU someone else’s’ “Ken”?
If you are – WELL DONE! And if not – see how you can “be that guy (or girl!)” that has loyal raving fans by simply being exceptional in the service that you offer!

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