When is the best time to sell your business? – Sam Harrop

The best time to sell a business is when you want to; not when you have to.

The best outcome for you would be to sell your business when you have a willing buyer who can pay the amount of money you want to sell your business for within your set criteria like time frames and payment terms.  The challenge is that for this to happen you need be pro-active and take the necessary steps to create this situation, the chances of this just happening by chance are highly unlikely.

The better question to ask is “When should I start to prepare my business for sale?” and to answer that is much easier, right now!

You see the best time to sell your business is when you chose to. Freedom of choice is defined as an individual’s opportunity and autonomy to perform an action selected from at least two available options, unconstrained by external parties.

The good news is everything you are doing to prepare your business for sale will help make your business more successful.  What is good for you is also good for the buyer.

Small Business Big Exit Accelerator Programme – uses a simple, yet powerful, step by step framework which will walk you through the entire business selling process.

Invest in your future and take the first step, give me a call on 0438 610 118  and let’s get the conversation started so you can be one of those business owners who will be able to sell their business for more than it’s worth when you want to.

In my next newsletter you will learn the 7 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

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