Welcome back! Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2015!

We have a number of special offers lined up during 2015 with Speakers and Entertainers and these will be communicated to you via our newsletter.

We will be hosting two showcases this year with an exciting line-up of New Speakers and Entertainers. These showcases are of course free for you to attend and an opportunity for you to view the talent in action which will assist you when arranging your function. Our scheduled dates for these showcases are March and July.

As a starter for 2015 we have a fantastic special offer available for Dr Dorian Haarhoff. What better way to kick off your conference with a great story!

dorianDr Dorian Haarhoff

Storyteller, Facilitator and Speaker of Note

Want to fly your corporate kite so it rides the currents of the coming year…catches the wind and surfs the clouds? This story man will show you how to fly that kite on a story string…

Hire Dorian Haarhoff to kick start your first function of the year, or your next event…

Dorian’s stories entertain, enthuse, amuse and inspire…get people connected … get them buzzing…get them tugging that string…

When Dorian speaks and tells stories he walks on water – (Professor James Palmer, Univ of Colorado).

You left my team with the most awesome  energy that bounced off the walls for an entire week – (Pepe Marais, Creative Director, Joe Public)

When I heard you speak I knew I had to have a conversation with this man – (Dr Leonard Shlain, surgeon and author of Art and Physics, Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light)

You had us all captivated …I have had wonderful feedback from the evening. You delighted the audience – (Patricia McNaught Davis  Events, Media and Marketing, Hospice)

revitalise your workplace,.. build your community…watch that kite soar …

Dorian is a former Professor of English Literature (University of Namibia). Since 1998 he has run his own business, Creative Wordshops.

re-story, re-create and  re-imagine your life and work

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