Watch a Christmas Movie – Sarah Bauling

December 2013 was the year I found my favourite Christmas movie – “Arthur Christmas.”

Now if you DON’T know – Santa has a high tech operation that runs beneath the North Pole where Santa’s team “do what they have to do” to make “Christmas happen”.

The story is about a little girls request to Santa – all she wants is a bicycle.  However – this year the unthinkable happens and out of all the children on earth one gift goes astray – her bike!

Santa’s older, domineering son who handles operations says that 99,9999% of successful deliveries is OK and that to lose one child’s gift “wasn’t that bad considering.”.

However Santa’s younger son, Arthur, who was a little bit of an outcast, and whose job in Santa’s high tech factory was to reply to each letter strongly believed that although 99,9999% was pretty good, he was not prepared to accept that one little girl may stop believing in Santa because she didn’t get her Christmas wish granted.

He embarks on a crazy adventure with his eccentric grandfather (Santa’s dad) to simply deliver the bike. They are confronted with wild animals, Canadian, storms, wild seas as well as losing most of the reindeer en-route with one mission in mind – to deliver the forgotten gift before Christmas morning dawns! Of course – he succeeds!

Our own daughter Jennifer loves the story because she KNOWS Santa is real and she KNOWS he would never let anyone down.

I love the story because it shows how important “going to the end of the earth” for someone really is!
The truth is so few people believe in Exceptional Customer Service because it seems to happen so rarely these days.

If you were Santa and HAD to deliver – would you? Could you? How would you do it? THESE are the questions you need to ask yourself as you embark on this journey of customer service!

If there is just one thing to add to your “to do list” this festive season – grab some popcorn, a nice big slush puppy, settle down and enjoy “Arthur Christmas”!

May I also take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a safe and blessed festive season!

See you in 2016

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