Virtual keynotes simply aren’t the same as live

Virtual keynotes simply aren’t the same as live; while there are limitations, there’s also a lot more we can do with them. 

The Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) hosted a conference last week for tech executives looking for support during the current pandemic and brought me on for their closing keynote. They wanted a version of my TED talk about how discomfort is necessary for innovation adapted for leadership in crises. A perfect fit for the times we’re in right now since we’re all at least a little uncomfortable.

We recorded the keynote in advance to make sure delivery was 100% reliable and I was on live with a wired connection (yes, that’s still a thing) for Q&A thereafter. By recording it in advance, we were able to “produce” the content in a way that makes it more engaging, inspiring and connected (vs. just watching me on the screen with a slideshow running the whole time). This is a private link since we’re not making it available publicly, but you can check it out HERE to get a sense for what we can do. 

The pre-recorded virtual keynote with the live Q&A was really well received. Vlas Lezin, the COO of SVIC, said of the virtual performance: “Sterling is a remarkable professional who combines deep knowledge of innovation with stunning rhetorics. He is one of the most impressive speakers that I saw, weaving together the story, information and education in extremely impactful narration. No matter what your audience is, when it comes to handling the disruption and thriving with innovation — Sterling is a person to talk to. He will entertain, educate and motivate you to go and challenge the status quo, try new thing and reach new heights.”

I obviously can’t wait to get back to live keynotes; I’m sure you’re in a similar spot. And at the same time this virtual keynote capacity isn’t a substitution or something to “fill the gap” until we “get back to normal”. It’s a new and increasingly polished tool the give audiences the proven process and inspiration to create significant positive change in their businesses, even after the pandemic is over. 

Having done a few of these virtual events now, I’m happy to provide some best practices that I’ve seen (and what hasn’t worked) if you want to reach out. 

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