Value driven organization-Tlou Mathatho

Value driven organization-Tlou Mathatho

Building a Value driven organization-Tlou Mathatho is typically a deliberate step that should be taken on the side of management in order to have deep believes that guide the decision making process either on the side of Management or staff members. Values shape behaviour, which in turn shapes culture, and culture is the lifeblood of the organization.

Generally organizations that are value driven become more effective than those who do not prioritise values. View Tlou Mathatho profile

Value driven organization-Tlou Mathatho

What will values help your organization with?

  1. Values make you distinct.

Every organization has a culture that is shaped, either consciously or unconsciously. When things are left to chance there will be behavioural traits that will ultimately shape the way things are done in that organization even if those traits are bad.

  1. Values dictate organizational involvement.

Generally organization that are effective are the once which are able to identify projects that are aligned with their corporate culture whether they be community based projects or profit based projects.

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