Tony Leon – 2014 in Perspective

tony12062013Well 2014 has been a very exciting year. In May Jonathan Ball Publishers did a sterling job in releasing and marketing Opposite Mandela, Tony Leon’s most unique perspective and personal insight into his relationship with Nelson Mandela through the lens of the opposition. He has also taken part in a large number of very interesting and interactive speaking events both locally and abroad where audiences have had the privilege of enjoying Tony’s humour and insight into topics regarding finance, leadership, politics, global trends and first hand experiences as the former Ambassador to Argentina.

In the coming week Tony will be releasing a new and insightful speech at the upcoming 12th Annual South African and African Capital Markets Conference entitled :

“Africa-Beyond the Headlines and Behind the Numbers – From Prowling Lions to Black Swans and Hidden Dragons.” – Africa’s impressive recent gains in growth and market share have invited investor interest at home and abroad. There are some real success stories and some whopping failures. Analysing the trends and using real time examples, Tony Leon examines whether the once ‘forgotten continent’ is indeed open for business and some of the cautionary tales to remember.

Another highlight in the last year has been Tony’s invitation to present at TEDx Johannesburg, a whole new challenge where scripts are forbidden and the stop watch is out ensuring no speech lasts longer than the strictly stipulated 18 minutes. We received some very positive feedback about the ‘Lessons I learned serving opposite Mandela’ TED talk and thought that we would share with you both the original version as well as shorter bites which you could share further when promoting Tony for upcoming events.

TEDx Johannesburg – Lessons I learned serving opposite Mandela – Tony Leon

Small bites of the TEDx Johannesburg Talk

Tony Leon Part 1 TEDx Johannesburg – Lessons learnt after 20 years of Democracy –

Tony Leon Part 2 TEDx Johannesburg – Brian Mashile –

Tony Leon Part 3 TEDx Johannesburg – Encounters with Mandela –

Tony Leon Part 4 TEDx Johannesburg – Mandela:  Mickey Mouse and Goofy –

Tony Leon Part 5 TEDx Johannesburg – Ambassador to Argentina –

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