Toni Enderli has a goal to become the first South African to conquer Oceans Seven – the ultimate global open water challenge. Toni Enderli is a family man, an extreme swimmer, a businessman and a motivational speaker. He is passionate about life. Toni is driven by unleashing the mind’s potential and pushing boundaries to achieve dreams and goals, no matter the challenges.

Toni Enderli - Extreme Swimmer
Toni Enderli – Extreme Swimmer Motivational

Toni was introduced to the magic of open water swimming in 2009 and has been hooked ever since. In this short time Toni’s achievements include swimming an “ice” mile in 5ᵒC water, an 18km swim from Spain to Africa, a double crossing between Robben Island and Cape Town’s mainland and conquering the ultimate open water challenge –crossing the 34km English Channel after swimming for 14h47min in icy waters.

His next goal is the biggest of his life: conquering seven grueling open water swims across the globe, known as Oceans Seven. Book through Conference Speakers

Toni Enderli

“The freedom, connection with nature and pure challenge associated with open water swimming hooked me from the start.It has become the catalyst for all my life challenges. The drive I developed for swimming has permeated into the rest of my life including my career, my family and my personal goals.

Toni Enderli – Extreme Swimmer now face these parts of my life in the same way I approach swimming challenges — with passion, unwavering determination and maximum positivity. Open water swimming has taught me that no matter your age, anything is possible. As long as you never give up, you will succeed.

In order to grow and learn, you have to extricate yourself from your comfort zone and push your boundaries.Open water swimming has taught me to live in, and embrace the moment, to be grateful and humble and to strive for goals previously thought unreachable.”

Ocean’s Seven is the marathon swimming equivalent of the Seven Summits mountaineering challenge comprising seven brutal, long‐distance, open water swims located across the globe.
• The Strait of Gibraltar between Morocco and Spain (12km) – complete
• The English Channel(34km) – complete
• The Catalina Channel off California (32km)
• Hawaii’s Molokai Channel (41km)
• The Cook Strait between New Zealand’s North and South Islands (22km)
• Japan’s Tsugaru Strait (26km)
• The North Channel between Ireland and Scotland (35km)
According to Wikipedia,Stephen Redmond of Ireland was the first person to complete the seven swims. Since then, five others have been successful: Anna‐Carin Nordin(Sweden), Michelle Macy(United States), Darren Miller(United States) Adam Walker(United Kingdom) and Kimberley Chambers (New Zealand).
No South Africans have completed Oceans Seven.

Toni has completed the Strait of Gibraltar and the English Channel swims.
He has five more swims to complete to become the first South African to conquer Oceans Seven. Toni is comprehensively incorporating this goal into his family’s lives. They will join him on his swimming journey around the world, gaining invaluable life experience and providing him with loving support.
The challenge entails strenuous training until September 2017 when Toni and his family will temporarily relocate to the USA to prepare for the 32km Catalina Channel between Catalina Island and Long Beach, California.

Following this challenge, they will head to Hawaii to attempt the 41km Molokai Strait, notorious for sharks and currents.
In 2018, Toni and family will head to New Zealand to prepare for the
22km Cook Strait between North and South Islands before heading to northern Japan for the 26km Tsugaru Strait which connects the Sea of Japan with the Pacific Ocean.The final swim is the 35km North Channel between north-east Ireland and south-west Scotland.


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