TJ Malamule – Customer Experience

TJ Malamule is a Chief Amazement Officer (CAO), Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker at Future CX which prepares today’s workforce for tomorrow’s workplace. As a customer experience and employee engagement expert, TJ Malamule – Customer Experience works with companies that want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. His focus is on companies that deliver astounding customer experience, creating customer loyalty and employee engagement.  

TJ is a thought leader on the transformation of customer relationships and the future of services marketing. He excels in inspiring companies to become true customer-centric organizations in this high-speed digital world. 

TJ Malamule – Customer Experience
TJ Malamule

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Using his natural talent as an entertainer, he connects with his audience while delivering relevant and hands-on advice that changes lives and bottom lines. He is the author of Stand Out or Don’t Botherand Supercharge your Destiny which both articulate his passion for people development and peak performance.

TJ spent over 10 years in the study of Neuro- Linguistic Programming (the relationship between the brain, language and psychology), Strategic Branding and Organizational Development. He uses these to help his clients with engagement, customer centricity and future of work and brand trends.

When you hire TJ to present a customer service or employee engagement keynote speech, your audience will leave with tools, ideas and concepts that they can use immediately. He doesn’t just address his audience – he captivates them, inspires them and motivates them to new heights of personal and professional achievement. He promises to deliver one of the most igniting and memorable speeches you and your audience will ever experience!


TJ Malamule is an award-winning executive coach & International speaker and some of his notable achievements includes:

  • Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)- Florida (USA), 2019
  • 2 X Top 100 Global Coaching Leaders Awards in Mubai, India, 2018/19
  •  Winner of Management Consulting Awards by CEO today magazine in London, 2018
  • On screen Coach on Stereo Type drop TV show in South Africa
  • Nominated for Africa coach of the year in Ghana, 2017
  • Author of Supercharge your destiny and Standout or don’t bother
  • Chief Amazement Officer – Future CX



We’re entering phase three of digitalization. This is a world of automation, bots and Artificial Intelligence. The benefits to customers will be HUGE. Customers will enjoy a world of faster than real-time customer service. A world with hyper-personalized offerings and the most seamless user interfaces ever. In his latest book and keynote, TJ helps companies to achieve these customer benefits in this new digital phase. He discusses three investment axes to achieve the perfect customer experience. This keynote is a breathtaking story of how the latest technologies can help to win the heart and business of your customers. It shows you how you find meaning before money.

It contains strategies for companies to fight the digital commodity magnet. And finally, it shows you how you can augment employee intelligence levels.

Duration: One hour


How will an ‘always-on’ personal assistant transform your daily life? We are at the beginning of a new S-Curve that is set to change the way we live and work, forever. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence are only just getting started, so the key question for all companies is: what will the second half of the curve look like?

In this presentation, TJ explores some fascinating scenarios that will shape the future of branding, go-to-market strategies and innovation. How will changing customer behaviour disrupt your business?

Duration: One hour



What makes rock-star employees? The keynote shares 10 trades of rock stars at their work from Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela to “Solly” who cleans the streets.

What’s common about all these people on how they do their work? What are the things they do to make their work pure poetry and what makes them merchants of “wow”. This is shared with music, lights and engagement that creates an inspiring environment for all delegates.

Duration: one Hour


In a rapidly changing and disruptive world where life ‘s ever increasing challenges force even the bravest individual into a state of fear and distress, here comes the voice of reason that transcends both change and chaos and has helped businesses and individuals LEAD in a chaotic world.  How do you stand out as a leader and make a lasting legacy that will outlive your pension in an organization. In this Keynote TJ Malamule – Customer Experience shares the three undisputed qualities that make leaders stand out and perform to the optimum.

He shares latest research of organizational performance backed by Neuro- linguistic programing content in a fun & engaging way. Based on his latest book this keynote was delivered to 13 000 delegates from 60 countries and they all loved it.

Duration: One hour


Tj’s work has been featured in the following media

City press, Sunday times,  Finance weekly. Sabc One, Tshwane TV, Gau TV Soweto TV, One Gospel, Africa Awakes,  RiseFM, Metro FM, Capricorn FM.

Happy clients

TJ Malamule – Customer Experience presented his exciting and inspiring Keynote talks to companies such as FNB, Tsogo Sun, Old Mutual, Coghsta, Salga, Standard Bank, OUTsurance, Investec Bank.

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