Tips from the Horse’s Mouth – Catherine DeVrye

c-You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. You can lead a person to information but you can’t make them think…Never expect everyone (family or colleagues) to all sign up to your view of the world. But, if your view is central to the success of your organisation, and some staff chose to disregard your view, maybe it’s time to suggest they find ‘other pastures’ because it’s easier to change people-than change some people’s thinking.

-You train horses but educate people. In both instances, more learning is achieved by using a carrot-rather than a stick. Empower your staff by encouraging them to think of your organisation as their own business. Encourage solutions to better ways of doing business-and reward those who offer suggestions-as the 7 most expensive words in business are: ‘We have always done it that way’.

Not every idea will be a winner so be sure to praise in public-but counsel in private. Systems and controls are important but skilled riders-and managers-know when to hold tightly to the reins and when to loosen them to empower employees to be more responsible and response-able

-There are horses for courses-One size does not fit all-and what worked last year may not in 2014. Build on your past success but don’t assume last years’ strategies and tactics will automatically deliver results this year. Be adaptable as it is survival of the fittest and the wisest-to be best of breed.

Horse sense is the smarts that thoroughbreds have to stop them from betting in people. So said WC Fields. If you want to have a flutter on the fillies or buy the occasional lotto ticket, go for it-but never spend beyond your means nor expect to win-because the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. Of course, a little luck helps along the way.

-Horse sense is ‘stable’ thinking….visualise your dreams but it’s not enough to just think of success. Move the law of attraction to the law of action in 2014. In other words…

Show up-Saddle Up-Giddy up…but never give up! Ever so true in the bureau world…and please let me know if anything else I can do to help secure the potential booking on March 13th but suspect they may have selected someone else…

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