Tim Goodenough – High Performance

Tim Goodenough – High Performance co-authored the best-selling book “In the Zone with South Africa’s sports heroes,” which added new depth to our understanding of what mental skills, abilities and strategies were a vital part of the success of many of South Africa’s great performers in sport and in life.

How understanding high performance in sport willfast-track high performance in business

Imagine trying to use a black and white photo to capture the brilliance of a sunset. Book through Conference Speakers

From an information point ofview, if the picture is taken correctly everything would be accurate.

Tim Goodenough – High Performance

However the essence of what makes a sunset unique and distinct would be lost. In the black and white sunset photo the information would be correct but has limited value, it is missing some key elements.

In many ways this analogy is consistent with how many people; including professional athletes and sports science professionals view high performance.

Some have got some of the details and principles, but many are missing the big picture of what is critical and how all the elements fit together.

Tim’s next book “Raising Talent: How to fast track potential into performance,” (due out in July 2012), simplifies the talent development process further into a few easy to manage steps, so that the combination of this research and his new techniques and strategies allows any individual or team interested in high performance to be inspired and educated on how to identify and fast-track their next steps to improve their performance.

  • How did Penny Heyns win double Olympic Gold? What made Gary Player the athlete he was?
  • How did Natalie du Toit bounce back from her leg amputation to compete at the Beijing Olympics?
  • What are the key elements of those and other world class performances and how do you replicate those key elements?
  • How does understanding the true nature of talent and talent development help us unlock talent in ourselves and the people around us?

All these questions and more are answered by one of the new emerging thought leaders in this niche field.

Tim Goodenough is one of approximately a dozen coaches around the world to hold the advanced Professional Certified Meta-Coach (PCMC) qualification.

He also holds a trainers qualification in both NLP and Neuro-Semantics.

Tim is part of the Neuro-Semantic Global leadership team which leads 300 NLP/NS Trainers and 1300 Coaches in over 37 countries.

Tim specializes in high performance, both in the corporate world and the world of elite athletes.

Tim was the full time mental coach for The Sharks during their 2008 Super 14 rugby campaign.

And more recently has worked with the SAMen’s and Women’s Field hockey teams and the Irish Men’s and Women’s field hockey teams in their quests to qualify for the Olympics.

Tim Goodenough lectures on mental toughness at The Sharks Academy and the Investec International Rugby Academy and is a High Performance consultant for Cricket South Africa. In 2009Tim co-authored Team Coaching: Artists atwork” (2009: Penguin) that focused on developing teams and included a collection of strategies and models for working as a team coach in different environments.

Tim Goodenough – High Performance

In the corporate world Tim Goodenough – High Performance Speaker works as an Executive Coach for CEO’s and senior management on an individual and team level.

During Tim’s corporate career he worked at StandardBank as the Senior Manager for Talent Support in Personal and Business Banking and was part of the Leadership Development, Coaching & Mentoring Unit.

Tim looked after Executive Coaching and Mentoring for Standard Bank: Personal and Business Banking, as well as designing and facilitating coaching and mentoring workshops and training and assessing external facilitators.

Tim Goodenough – High Performance Speaker sat on the Standard Bank coaching accreditation panel. Tim has co-developed a truly dynamic and unique High Performance Team Development Model called the iTeam which is used to reveal, understand and enhance team dynamics and team performance.

Review for “In the Zone with South Africa’s Sports Heroes

“Great Book! Lots of useful advice in each step of the pyramid and the13 skills. I would identify most with strong work ethic, the distinction between self-confidence and self-esteem, the quality of being “un-insultable” and, in terms of being a fox, resilience. Lots of luck in spreading your model and message in both sport and business.” Clem Sunter, best-selling co-author of “Mind of a fox”

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching offering is a personalised one-on-one intervention with the purpose of maximising the Executives output and effectiveness while aligning and balancing it with personal desires, ambitions and outcomes.

It has the following features.

• One on one with an expert Executive Coach.
• Includes options to have three-way meeting with supervisor/manager at start of programme to align organisational and individual outcomes.
• Meet fortnightly for two hours for a minimum of 15 hours face to face or phone coaching.
• Includes assessment of the client’s profile and communication style.
• Have measurable goals and outcomes for the process.
• Defines current status and desired future status.
• Works through any “blocks” to achieving success.
• Is more than just content oriented but rather focuses on the structure of thinking to achieve sustainable results.

Meta-Coaching is a unique and vigorous partnership that, while no walk in the park, brings heart back into business and gives the spirit and actions of success to individuals and the organisations in which they operate.

Why would an Executive want an Executive Coach?

• Absolute confidentiality means a neutral person to bounce thoughts and ideas off.
• Increased speed and confidence in decision making.
• Resolution of internal crisis aligning individual’s personal and organisational goals.
• Integration of new skills and knowledge into behaviour.
• Balancing work, health, family, study etc.
• Development of leadership skills such as confidence and congruency.

The estimated ROI on training content based skills and knowledge is less than 20%. Studies have concluded ROI on Coaching to be over 300% (Metrix Global)

“I have known Tim Goodenough – High Performance Speaker personally and professionally for 5 years. He demonstrates a wide-ranging understanding of human behaviour and motivations. He combines this with systematic thinking and has wonderful ability to communicate this knowledge. He is a passionate guy, whilst maintaining personal humility and a hunger to learn. I recommend him to work with individual performers, or with teams looking to enhance both their environment and performance.”
Paddy Upton, Mental Coach of Protea’s cricket team

“I have known and had the privilege of working with Tim on certain projects, for a number of years now. I have also read his book, “In the Zone”, and used many of the techniques and principles he teaches and discusses in the book, with much success. I believe Tim is fast becoming one of the finest mental coaches in South Africa, and I believe his work will have a significant impact on the teams or individuals that chose to engage with him.” Gary Gold, Assistant Springbok Coach

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