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. . . closer to what? Well, think about it – closer to your last day.  I’m not being morbid here, believe me, but I’m asking you to consider – do you know how much time you have left? If not sure how to answer this – I’ll do it for you – No One does!  

And yet it’s amazing how many people act as if they have forever by squandering days, weeks and even years with no purpose, passion, joy or a sense of adventure and gratitude for the time they are given.

Retire if you will.  Quit if you must.  Give up if you are tired of fighting. Surrender if you feel like life is over. Had enough? OK – Settle if you feel you don’t deserve better. Stop trying if you are tired of losing. Cave into others if you are over being criticized, invalidated or belittled. Trust me I can go on with this babble if you want but personally – it’s hard to even write this stuff sometimes.

Life is very short and fragile folks.  If you had told me when I was in my twenties that I would be this old now I would have laughed until I cried.  No way. Well, trust me I’ll bet some of you might feel the same way.

Why do we wait, postpone, give up, stop trying or just feel like enough is enough and it’s time to just let – ‘whatever will be will be’ – rule our final or closing years however many we feel we might have?

Is it just life wearing us down?  Pride? Our definition of what our final chapter should be like? Or, could it be something more that we haven’t taken the time to identify or consider?

During Tim Connor – Blog life regretfully having wasted a lot of days, weeks and even a few years on a few occasions in my career, in a few relationships and life in general, I am in no position to preach, but I do have the right to share what I have learned during my many years.  So here goes. View International Speakers

A great deal of the quality of life is determined by how we define and respond to; adversity, failure, opportunities, success, problems, disappointment, rejection, achievements, and so many other life experiences.

But in the end, we have a choice – let them define us or define them according to our life philosophy, purpose or mission.

We are all going to leave here with either; stuff in our “in-basket” and/or unfinished business, words not said and relationships that needed something done or undone before they ended.  The only way to avoid any or all of these life mistakes is to be “perfect” and trust me none of us are or ever will be – no matter how egotistical, psycho, narcissistic or arrogant some folks “don’t think” they are.

So, life’s nagging questions of us for everyone sooner or later are always – why aren’t you____________?  When are you going to stop____________? When are you going to start__________?  What are you waiting for? When are you going to fix__________? Got a few of your own?  Now might be a good time to ask them.

Life flies by faster than we can possibly imagine and the opportunities we missed or passed up, the things we didn’t say or do just keep piling up faster and faster.

Hundreds of people every day are told – you only have so much time to live.  Know anyone like that?  Is it you?  Known someone who had to deal with this? The truth is that each of us is told this every day, oh, not by Physicians or counselors but by life. And the final question I will leave you with is – are you listening?

2)The gradual erosion of uniqueness, to be able to be you regardless of the world’s opinion of you.
Yes, folks, there are males and females on the earth regardless of how you want to define gender.  Yes, I am free to wear shorts in the middle of winter and yes, Tim Connor – Blog don’t have to agree with old guys gettingearrings, young women plastering their body with Tattoos and kids living off their parents in their 30’s – and so many more.  You have a right to be you and I have a right not to like who you are or what you do but I don’t have the right to stop you from doing it.  Get it? We both are unique in so many ways and if I let you or society rob me of my uniqueness than what’s the point of living?
Yes, many politicians, government employees, and people, in general, have some really far out beliefs, opinions, and attitudes and I’m ok with that because Tim Connor – Blog have a mute button on my remote or I can walk away from a conversation and I can always unfriend you. But I don’t have the right – as a boss, parent (once my kids hit 18), spouse or stranger to tell you what you can believe, do or feel.
3)The loss of spiritual and religious freedom to worship without having to have the police guarding your church, synagogue, temple or mosque or the public mocking or demonstrating loudly outside while you are trying to worship inside.
Over the years due to any number of rules, challenges by certain groups and a variety of other social pressures – spiritual values, behaviors, and attitudes have gradually left the classroom, college campuses, government agencies and any number of communities at large.
I’m neither supporting or arguing against these practices just asking you to consider – is there a trend here with the purpose subtle or overt to rid us of the ability to worship, pray or even often care about others in our society whether neighbors, fellow employees or just fellow citizens. Look, folks, If I want to say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays – that’s my right and don’t try and make me feel guilty or belittle me because I do it.  You don’t have to say it, and I won’t care what you say or how you refer to it – it’s your right too.
Tim Connor – Blog concern here is, in general, that we as a society and country are giving in too easily or quickly to the pressures from often minority groups or even just a few individuals to change us.

If you are offended because Tim Connor – Blog wears a T-shirt with a cross on – “get over it.” If you don’t like Christmas trees in your community – move to another community.  If you don’t like our basic and fundamental rights where you live – yes, move to another country. Follow CSI on Twitter

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