Three Tips to Become Super Productive – Sam Harrop

After every meeting schedule 15 minutes of thinking time – Immediately after you have met with someone spend some time thinking about what you spoke about, make notes or add to your notes.  I have found that after I have met with someone and I need to send through a proposal or provide feedback, if I spend 15 minutes after the meeting writing down notes and even starting to work on the document or project I get a much better result.  I do not have to spend time trying to recall what it was that we spoke about.

Give your brain time to work things out – Using the above example. I will schedule another block of time either later that day or even later in the week to work on the proposal.  What happens is when I sit down the information and message I want to convey flows much easier.  Again I produce much better work.  The same applies when you are trying to solve a problem or a challenge, you are better off scheduling three 45 minute session to work on the problem than even scheduling one 3 hour block of time.

If you think it ink it – Have a way of capturing your thoughts, this will help you understand how you reached a decision, it provides an opportunity to review and learn from your actions, or it enables you to know where you are in terms of solving a problem or working on a project.

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