“The World Today – and Tomorrow: Seeking Growth in a Changing & Volatile World.”


Daniel Silke is proud to launch a new global keynote title “The World Today – and Tomorrow”. This title presents a more global and international take on the current political, economic and social scene and follows on the success of the continuing “Tracking the Future” keynote series.

Silke has often found that conference delegates either choose not to follow international news events for a variety of reasons – from being overwhelmed by information to often being depressed by its content. In addition, many individuals fail to understand the relevance of global events and its direct impact on their lives and that of their businesses. This presentation aims to fill an important analytical void that exists within the corporate sector – that of understanding and being exposed to expert and entertaining analysis of current international economic, political and social issues and how this effects the very immediate business environment both globally and here in South Africa – all in a 50 minute presentation!

The new Keynote launches on 15 October 2012. It will continue to be offered throughout 2013 and is an ideal scene-setter for any conference as it offers a macro ‘helicopter’ view of the world.

“The World Today – and Tomorrow: Seeking Growth in a Changing & Volatile World.”

Getting an international perspective on the world of politics, economics, business and social change is fast becoming one of the most essential areas of corporate education. Having a global approach is critical in learning about the new growth regions of the world; which countries are the ‘breakout’ nations of the future & where your future markets will be found. Getting to grips with the ever-changing international socio-economic scene is daunting. Yet, International Political Analyst, Author & Keynote Speaker Daniel Silke manages to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together in this ground-breaking, entertaining and inspirational new keynote presentation.

Having visited well-over 100 countries, Silke whisks his audience around the world with dramatic visuals and investigates key global challenges; From the diminishing role of the United States and Europe to the rise of the rest – Asia, Africa and South America; From the effects of the dramatic changes in populations and the role of the new megacities to the effects of climate change and the implications for human settlements; From the impact of new technologies set to change the world of work and usher in a third Industrial Revolution to the new ethical demands on corporates still reeling from the after-effects of the global financial crisis. And, amidst the intense changes on the global stage, South Africa continues to battle to play a role. Can this country compete into the future? Silke offers key insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the domestic political economy.

Give your conference delegates the global picture. Take them to Sao Paulo where 180km traffic jams are the norm. Visit with them a city called Chongqing that has a whopping population of 32 million people. Understand the opportunities and challenges that come from the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & SA) countries – and increasingly from others like the up-and-coming MIST nations (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea & Turkey). And, get a glimpse into the future of manufacturing – all digital and in your own home!

Above all, take your delegates out of their immediate surroundings into a world of dramatic change, challenge and ultimately, opportunity. And, dare your executives & delegates to assess their own chances of engaging and succeeded in this new world.  Daniel Silke has visited the world – and knows first-hand the strengths and weaknesses that can be leveraged and amended for success. This is an essential primer into the new global world – ignore it at your peril!

Daniel Silke is a renowned Independent Political Analyst based in Cape Town. He hold numerous degrees in International & South African Political Science and is the author of the recently released and acclaimed book “Tracking the Future” published by Tafelberg. He regularly appears on radio and television and has been a guest of the SABC, 702/567 and CNBC. Silke contributes to “Debate” Magazine and is quoted widely in Business Day, The Times and overseas for Agence France Press (AFP) and BBC Radio. Recent clients include RMB, EOH, ABSA, SANLAM, Grant Thornton International, ESKOM and SAA Travel Centres.

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