The World Needs You-Taryn Little

The World Needs You-Taryn Little

Many women dance to the rhythm of a song that is not their own. In her first article of a three-part series, The World Needs You-Taryn Little encourages you to re-ignite your little girl dreams and to live a life that fulfils its reasons for entering the world.

The World Needs You! What does this statement mean? It all began with a question I asked myself – “What is my purpose in the world? “. Miriam Makeba came to impart her voice to the world. Nelson Mandela came to lead an oppressed nation to freedom, but what did I come for was the persistent question that plagued my thoughts. And so discovering my purpose became the thing that I relentlessly pursued, until I received an answer that resonated true for me.

This question was birthed under very specific conditions. I was a singer in the Middle East, working in the same piano bar six nights a week, with one day off to rest and regain a sense of normalcy. One night after work I returned to my hotel room frustrated, questioning whether there was more to me than being a songbird, and living the same day over and over again. It was in this moment that I began my journey of discovering that The World Needs Me, which in turn birthed in me an unquenchable desire to share a message with women entitled, The World Needs You!

The World Needs You-Taryn Little


Women assume many roles and often these roles have been imposed upon us due to societal expectations, or the needs of another. Life’s challenges have a tendency to sabotage purpose, and women become content to live a life that never fulfils those “little girl” dreams. Dreams such as performing on a stage, writing a book, owning a business, working in the helping profession, designing a clothing line or being a mother to an orphaned child.

The World Needs You-Taryn Little is a statement which encourages women to abandon thoughts of feeling, less than. Comparing ourselves to other women has left women stuck in pits of low self-esteem and insecurity. These negative thoughts prevent women from fulfilling those very unique reasons for their birth. Inside many women, lies a trapped dream that may not ever be released into the world. What is your little girl dreams?

Your purpose need not be one of fame and fortune or evoke public accolade. The defining feature of individual purpose is that it is significant for YOU, and that when you find it, it feels like home. Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

If you are reading this article in the Essays of Africa magazine then my “little girl dream” to have my writing published has been realized. It has not been an easy journey. The journey of self-empowerment is one of unstoppable belief in self, hard work and perseverance even in the face of adversity. My journey of exploring purpose has resulted in me securing an Honours degree in Psychology, lecturing within the psychology department of an institution that equips students with head, heart and hands knowledge, opening my own counselling practise for women, singing in a Spanish band and I have been inspired to become an inspirational speaker delivering a message entitled, The World Needs You!

Had I not asked myself the question in the first paragraph of this article I may still have been stuck in a two square metre office working in a dead end job. It was a job that offered me financial security, but it failed to make me feel alive. When we find our individual purpose, we suddenly are awakened to the realisation that there is more to us than our self-imposed limitations.

This three part series is written within the words of my own story. It is my hope that my story will empower women to revisit their trapped dreams, and find the courage to pursue them relentlessly and fearlessly. Purpose will find you if you purposefully seek it. And when you find it, it will expose itself in ways, which allow you to impart YOU to the world.

The World Needs You-Taryn Little

                                                         ASK YOURSELF

  • Do I feel alive in my job?
  • Does the work you do bring you a sense of purpose and fulfilment?
  • What keeps me in my present job?
  • Why do you do what you do? Is it because of the financial security, or are you passionate about what you do?
  • What are my “little girl” dreams?
  • Revisit your childhood dreams and assess whether you have fulfilled any of them. Identify one or two unfulfilled dreams you would like to pursue.

The next article in this series will focus on the clues that directs you towards purpose and what you need to abandon in order to begin the journey towards claiming your UNIQUE PURPOSE!

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