The Rise of Primary Breadwinner Women (it doesn’t just benefit us) – Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

While there are always a few men who are threatened by the rise of power-earning women, in my experience, the vast majority of men are benefitting in new and exciting ways by the shift in gender roles that we’re seeing nationwide. Here’s how.

We’re valuing men for more than their money-making capabilities

For every woman who’s complained about the glass ceiling, there’s a man who’s been secretly burdened by being valued only by how much he earns. As women take on more and more of the earning capacity, we’re all exploring the brave new world of valuing men for more balanced qualities.

For instance, in some homes, men are taking on more and more of the household chores as women take on more high-powered corporate roles. In others, men have become the primary family chef.

Men I speak to, who are functioning in more non-traditional roles, are really enjoying the ability to explore new talents in the home, as well as the recognition that changing roles open up opportunities to support their families in new ways.

The Rise of Primary Breadwinner Women

We’re seeing a rise in involved fatherhood

My friend Lance Somerfeld, the Founder of City Dads, an organization for stay-at-home and committed and involved dads, has a slogan he likes: Dads Don’t Babysit. And true to form, involved fathers, just like traditional mothers, are parents 24/7.

Contrary to traditional beliefs, stay-at-home dads can be extraordinary parents. And allowing men to step fully into their nurturing role as fathers when mom takes on more of the breadwinning is a great way to provide a balanced home life for the entire family, and to provide our kids with new role models for what a strong dad looks like.

We’re seeing more men step up as strong mentors for women in the workplace

As more and more women become primary earners, roles are shifting—not just at home, but also at work.

I often tell my female coaching clients not to neglect the possibility of finding phenomenal mentors and sponsors in the workplace who are NOT women. In fact, some of my clients’ best mentors have been men who want to see women rise so that all of us can benefit from a more balanced view of leadership. This evolved vision allows us to have complete home lives and working lives—a view that increases as we see more working moms in power positions in the corporate world.

We’re seeing more men who appreciate powerful women

For every woman who wants to step completely into her role as a leader, there’s a man who wants to be able to be more vulnerable, more gentle, more open. For this reason, I’m encountering more and more men who truly appreciate what it means to have powerful women at the table in corporate America and at home.

The Rise of Primary Breadwinner Women
The shift in gender roles we’re seeing today truly benefits all of us, because as we are opened up to becoming more prominent leaders and earners, men are opened up to becoming more than just a salary to their families and in the world.

Here’s to the men who care about us, support us, uplift us, and share the stage with us as allies. When we work together toward equality, we all benefit.

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