The Miracle of the Mistake – Sharon King

 Realise that there   is no such things as failure, only feedback. When I analysed why my feedback in training   strategy works so well for me, I realised that it’s because I really believe   that there is no such thing as failure… there is only feedback and   lessons… and I really mean it when I say to people that we are going to   “Harness the miracle of the mistake”. I constantly reinforce the message that   your very best teacher is not me but actually your last mistake. Once you can   deeply internalise the fact that the only real mistake you can make in life,   is not learning from your mistakes, you will naturally become more able to..
 Admit your mistakes. Strong people make as many mistakes as weak   people. The difference is that strong people admit their mistakes, laugh at   them and learn from them. That is how they’ve actually become strong. For   example, they can turn having a car accident into realising that they need to   drive more carefully, be more alert or ensure they are not on their cell   phone while driving. If they mess-up on a big project, they will apologise,  diagnose where they went wrong and begin again more intelligently. They   realise that if they allow their inner-critic instead of their inner-mentor   to speak, they can become demotivated, lose confidence in themselves and make   even more mistakes. So, if you want to be strong and successful, admit your   mistakes, get the lesson and recognise that you cannot change the past but   you can begin more intelligently right now. Don’t beat yourself up, just move   forward with your lesson and…

“be the difference that makes the difference

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