The Magic of Customer Service – Sarah Bauling

Sarah“The Magic of Customer Service” is a key note presentation that is about taking your customer service ideals to the next level.

Whether you run a corporate company, a small business or simply deal with customers – “The Magic of Customer Service” is an absolute “must listen to” key note delivery.

In this high energy presentation Sarah will draw on real life experiences and scenarios that most people are familiar with and can relate to and will illustrate:

1) Why Customer service is the most important facet in your business
2) How to implement the “Magic of customer service” immediately with proven techniques.
3) That exceptional customer service can increase turnover and profit

Sarah has 19 years of experience in the hospitality industry and is passionate about giving and receiving exceptional customer service.
She has used these techniques in all of her business endeavours and has enjoyed the successes as a result!

By using simple yet effective techniques which can be implemented immediately you will leave with:

– The tools to turn customers into loyal raving fans
– To be in a position where you can change the lives of those around you
– An understanding of the importance of building rapport with customers
– The inspiration to be motivated and motivate those around you
– To use simple, easy to implement techniques that will keep you ahead of your competitors
– To keep your customers coming back for more

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