The Lexi-CON – Strato Copteros

download (1)Language & Representation in Mainstream & Social Media; And The Freedom of Speech of Frenzy

Every participant in social media is a publicist by law – with onerous ethical and legal implications attached. Recently, the damage done through meanness and flippancy has literally become fatal in some cases. And as technology proliferates, Media Ethics has evolved from just a subject for journalists, to the most pressing communications’ issue for humanity today.

Lexi-CON is an unconventional and wittily insightful perspective on mainstream and social media discourse and dialogue across all platforms. Dealing with Race, Religion, Gender, Poverty, Violence, Greed, Trauma, Environment, Power, Sexuality and Privilege. With easily applicable learnings on how to meaningfully participate in the all-pervasive space of round-the-clock communication and global social media.

As a Media Law & Ethics academic, Rhodes students voted me into the national top 10 list of lecturers in the Van Schaik “I Love My Lecturer” competition. And “Lexi-Con” is a compendium of those insights on everything from stereotypes, to sacred cows, soap-box citizens, tweets, trends, rage, righteousness, constitutional rights and entrenched limitations on those rights. Delivered with pragmatic intellect and firebrand passion!

Available in 1-3 hour presentation format and 4-6 hour workshops – customised according to the pertinence of particular issues to you.

[Strato is a Media Ethics and Law specialist, teaching at and consulting to, several SA Universities, including Rhodes, Stellenbosch, CPUT, AFDA and City Varsity]

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