The Legacy of Knowledge

Everyone received gifts
To be used abundantly through life
And therefore one must be thankful
For all these gifts
One has received from the Lord…

However these gifts can be used as one chooses to do….

The gift of knowledge…
The saying goes: “Knowledge is power!”
However it is not knowledge itself
That becomes a tool of force,
But it needs a person to wield the sword of knowledge
Therefore it is the person who decides
To share the gift of knowledge with others
In sharing knowledge
One becomes a better person,
Not a lesser person as some would like to believe…

In sharing knowledge
One person can empower many others
And therefore will be remembered
Long after that person’s Time has passed on earth

One person’s vision of becoming
A catalyst for change today,
Can be achieved through knowledge sharing
And this will therefore leave a legacy behind
For as long as the knowledge-sharing will continue

Therefore decide today…
And change your own and others’ destinies today for ever.

L. J. Kok 25/07/2003

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