The Dos and Don’ts of Working Friday Etiquette – Working Fridays are a privilege, not a right!

If you, like some of the newer members on our Team, are about to enjoy your first year gainfully employed, we’ve got some advice when it comes to the time-honored tradition of working Fridays.


Do: Dress like you’re at work

Throw a jean jacket on over your backless dress, wear a cardigan with that romper and save the short-shorts for Saturday.

Don’t: Leave until your work is done

On a normal day, you wouldn’t leave at five on the dot if you still had work to do. Same goes for Fridays—there’s not a hard stop until you’ve crossed everything off your list.

Do: Expect an email or two in the afternoon

It’s not uncommon that co-workers lingering at the office will continue to email you through the afternoon. Working Fridays aren’t the time to check out altogether unless you’ve requested paid time off, but there are worse things than getting a work email while you’re laying out by the pool or en route to the Magaliesburg, right?

Don’t: Brag to your less fortunate friends

Not everyone is lucky enough to have flexible Working Friday hours. We all have that friend who sends a photo of herself on the beach to all her office-bound friends. Don’t be that girl.

Do: Use your vacation days wisely

Heading to the Cape for your first weekend as part of a time share? Use a holiday day. Working Fridays aren’t guaranteed—a last-minute project can trump even the best-laid plans. Therefore, if it’s important, lock your day down with a Leave Form. (Note: check with HR, but your half-day off will still likely count as a full vacation day.)

Don’t: Abuse it

The key to getting working Fridays right is to continue performing well and being productive. If you fulfill all of your obligations and responsibilities during Friday morning, then you and your boss will feel good about you checking out come lunchtime.

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