The BIG BUM Theory – Douglas Kruger

How to strategically position your BUM ABOVE THE BUTTER
Career growth for those who want to make all the right moves

As a manager, are you often asked by staff members when their next raise will be? Or their next promotion? Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “When you deserve it!”? You’re not alone. Many managers think this way. But few know what to do next, or how to inspire their staff to grow into their full potential. Douglas Kruger’s presentation ‘Place your Bum above the Butter’ is a kick-start talk, specifically designed to teach staff members to think with greater aspiration. The key messages are: Manage yourself to be promotion-worthy; dress and act for the part you want, not just the level you’re at; understand your industry and the bigger picture before you even dream of moving up in it, and place learning above earning. This serious topic is packaged in a surprisingly humorous, frank and refreshing way!

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