The Art of Execution – Tlou Mathatho

The conceptualization of ideas and strategies always make people excited about what is ahead of them and the prospects of succeeding through those strategies. But what often becomes a problem is that there is very little attention paid to the processes that must be put in place to have those strategic plans executed.

Here are four basic components that should be part of every organization’s strategy execution system.

  1. Identify important goals.

The reason why it is impotent to identify important goals is because quiet often it is not all goals that are important. An organization should have at most three goals that are part of their strategic focus. Many people believe that if they focus on many goals and activities they will hatch their bets and make more profit. On the contrary the more you try to do the less you achieve at the end of the day.

  1. Focus on key leverage activities.

Only focus on those activities that will help you achieve the goals you have set out to achieve as an organization or a department. If an activity does not help you to achieve the goals you have set out to achieve then  that activity is not important

  1. Keep an update of activities.

Staff members who do not see how they are doing against the target become demoralised very quickly. This is because they do not have an update of how they are doing. A simple scoreboard on the passage could do wonders for your team as they navigate their way through the busy day to achieve their goals.

  1. Hold each other accountable.

One of the ills of our government in South Africa is failure to hold people who have been given duties to perform accountable. when people hold each other accountable they take responsibilities that they are given serious.

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