In a Super Depressed World, Happiness Hits #1 – Shareen Richter

Happiness-Recipe-book-front-cover-smallerI’m overwhelmed and so excited that my book “The Happiness Recipe” which I co-authored has just debuted on Amazon and today REACHED #1 Best Seller in the category of Information Management and reached #4 in Stress Management, two major categories when dealing with life’s issues.

Happiness Recipe Radio partnered with 21 international thought leaders and experts to help make the quest for happiness easy, effortless and fun with the new book, Happiness Recipe – whippin’ up happiness with wit, wisdom and wonderful food!  “By sharing their own personal happiness recipe, these leaders share powerful stories and give actionable steps toward what happiness is for them. Their experience of happiness allows others to compare and contrast their own ideas for happiness. Increased awareness of what creates happiness makes the world a happier place, one person at a time.”

The book was picked up and spoken about by over 200 different media organizations today across the USA. Click the link below to see

Soooo excited about this. The book is currently available on Amazon and my copies will be in South Africa soon!!

I am also producing a 6 week video/training course on “Becoming resilient and coping with stress”

Well Done Shareen!

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