Sunday Night To-Do List – Mondays are hard—but they don’t have to be.

Weekly Clicks: Sunday Night


Prep your breakfast

Melissa’s proves that there’s a delicious make-ahead breakfast for every level of ambition, skill and health-consciousness.

While you’re at it, make lunch, too

Stock up on ready made salads from Woolies that’ll stay fresh all week.

Set a timer on your coffee maker

Is there anything better than waking up to the smell of fresh coffee? We didn’t think so. Treat yourself to a Coffee on the go from Woolies—it’ll make Monday mornings that much more pleasant.

Make it easy for yourself to work out

Sign up for a monthly gym membership or commit to doing an at-home workout and set your favorite gym gear out so that getting some exercise when you wake up feels like a no-brainer.

Download new podcasts

Sync up your phone on Sunday night and have great music to listen to for the rest of the week.

Start the week fresh-faced

Take 20 minutes for yourself to do a facial at home with one of Sorbet’s  great range of masks.  They are as relaxing (and effective) as a spa treatment.

Set goals for the week

We love all our daily inspirational quotes which assist us in setting personal and professional goals, both big and small, at the beginning of every week.


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