Success is a Choice – Femi Adebanji

Achieving success (no matter how you choose to define it) is not incidental, rather achieving success happens by intention – in other words we must reach a point of decision where we “decide” we want to succeed, before we can in fact succeed. Most truly successful people at some point decided to get serious about becoming successful and made a firm decision to succeed.

What making a firm decision to succeed does is that it instantaneously aligns all our thoughts, behaviors and actions with that one firm decision to achieve success. It acts as powerful focal point and directs all of our energies (mental and physical) to one point – accomplishing success.

Success cannot be achieved without the firm conscious decision to succeed. What making a decision to succeed does is that it fast-tracks the process of achieving success by creating a powerful and earnest desire and belief which underly our decision to succeed.  Unless we reach that point of decision and make a conscious, firm resolution to raise our lives to the next level, we continue to make failed and frustrating attempts at success.

In my practice, I come across numerous individuals that have tried time and again to achieve their dreams, yet keep failing. More often than not, I find that it’s not the lack of will that’s lacking but rather a strong, powerful and compelling decision to succeed. Everyone wishes for success, however, not everyone “desires” success. When we create a desire to succeed by making a firm decision to succeed, the intolerable becomes tolerable, we are better able to make the sacrifices required and the impossible becomes possible.

It is the desire to succeed that allows us to keep going after we fail; it is the desire to succeed that allows us to go through the difficult process of owning up to our failures and  critically analyzing them and learning from them as opposed to ignoring them and doing the same thing over and over again, hoping that somehow the results will change; It is the desire to succeed that keeps us focused on that ultimate goal or purpose that we know that once achieved, will not only turn our lives around but will positively impact the lives of those around us.

Unless we make a decision, we will be like many that believe that success has far more to do with luck and fail to understand that the primary keys to success are in fact self-belief, strategy, action and persistence. The problem with attributing success with luck is that as long as continue to do this, we continue to see ourselves as victims of circumstance; we limit our own potential and consequently, limit our own results; we will never believe that we are good enough or smart enough or gifted enough; we will continue to wait for the right person or right opportunity to open the doors for us; we will never take our own fates into our own hands and create the lives that we truly desire for ourselves; we will never take ownership for our own lives and the decisions we make and will continue to externalize blame for the circumstances in our lives we are unhappy about.

Yes, some people are lucky, however, most successful people have had to “make their own luck” through self-belief, sheer force of will and hard work. I have always been of the belief that if things must change in lives, we must take ownership of the change – we must decide to change things and take the necessary action to put the change into effect. So many live their entire lives not realizing this and hope and wait in vain for someone or something to turn their lives around for them. They complain and lay blame for everything that is wrong in their lives, yet hardly raise a finger to make the necessary change. Yet are completely oblivious to the fact for their lives to become better, they must two critical decisions:  first decide it must get better and second they must decide it is up to them to make it better.

We may be born into this world in varying circumstances and opportunities; however, we are all born into this world with equal potential for success. How far we go in life and what we achieve is not limited by how strong we believe we are but rather how weak we believe we are.

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