Val Bourdos Nichas – Leadership Strategy

Val Bourdos Nichas – Leadership Strategy is the Founder and originator of VBN in 2012, Val is a respected leader and visionary, with solid business experience spanning over 30 years. Val has strong strategic skills and a thorough understanding of business planning and development.

“Find purpose in your life as a leader, identify the value that your business will offer consumers and communities and all profits will flourish.”

Val’s outstanding business acumen is not surprising, given her career track record: a few of which include: Marketing Director for Edgars and Debonairs Pizza; Senior Vice President (Company Strategy, Sales, Marketing & Innovation) Rich Products Corporation of S.A.; MD of Tequila/TBWA and Managing Executive of Wimpy, Steers and QSR Brands – the Famous Brands division responsible for over 600 franchised outlets. Book through Conference Speakers

Val Bourdos Nichas - Leadership Strategy

Val Bourdos Nichas – Leadership Strategy

Val Bourdos Nichas – Leadership Strategy

Val Bourdos Nichas has been involved in Executive Coaching since 2004 – she regards the development of her leadership style, as a result of this skill, as one of the most significant growth experiences of her career. You may want to consider Zipho Sikhakhane for Business Leadership


It is her ability to develop and mentor high-performance individuals and teams that motivated her to start VBN.

Over the years Val Bourdos Nichas has participated in various business courses and training programs – including the renowned Oxford Strategic Leadership Program at Saïd Business School, Oxford University.  Follow CSI on Twitter

Val demonstrates strong leadership skills, has effective interpersonal abilities, and is a high performance driver and an excellent communicator. Over the past few years Val has gained experience in working with leaders and companies to develop their team ethos, build strategies to gain market share and achieve their purpose and profits.

V.B.N Consultants primarily specializes in Business Performance and Business Future. Some of Val Bourdos Nichas clients include: Intercare Healthcare Group. Agrinet, One Digital Media, Investec Property, Doppio Zero Group, The Design Partnership, Harbour House Group, Lionshare, Tala Foods, Franchize Directions and Carpet Court NZ. View full list of Speakers Q-Z

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