Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development

Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development is a speaker, facilitator, workshop leader and team-builder.

He grows people and organisations by focusing on self-mastery, teamwork, and leadership at all levels. Now available to book through Conference Speakers

Stef enthralls audiences with profound African wisdom, learnt at the feet of his guide, Masiwa, while spending time in the bush as a wildlife photographer.

Through the skillful use of every conceivable facet of multi-media, he brings to life the African bush with sights and sounds that will be remembered long after the curtain has come down.

Delegates from around the globe consistently rate him as the top speaker at conferences, and describe his presentations as refreshing, unique, captivating… and life changing!With a masters degree in leadership, Stef still considers that the education that he’s gotten on his own is the most valuable.

Stef du Plessis - Leadership People Development

Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development

Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development

He is on a constant quest for the latest and best in people transformation methodology – and working internationally, he is in regular contact with leadership development experts around the world, thus enjoying continuous exposure to new practices.

He has delivered more than 2 500 paid presentations on self-mastery, lifestyle management, leadership, and change management across five continents over the past decade.

Internationally recognized both as a master storyteller and as a specialist in the field of understanding and stimulating human potential, his high-energy presentations are always humorous and entertaining, while striking at the very core of our being.

But he is much more than just a word weaver: with a Masters degree in personal and professional leadership, his presentations are rich in content. And Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development broad experience ensures that his presentations are also jam-packed with real-world know how, equipping his audience with tried and tested tips, tools and techniques ready for immediate application.


You choose your own path. Choose it well. — MASIWA, LAST OF THE GREAT AFRICAN TRACKERS

This is Stef’s blockbuster presentation, teaching powerful lessons for living a life of meaning…

  • Each creature is unlike any other – You are singularly unique – you cannot be replaced, and cannot be repeated. What you have experienced, no power on earth can take from you. Actively seek to understand the lessons that life is trying to teach you, and you will start to experience the true power of your singularity.
  • Motho ke Motho ka Batho – “You are only a person through other people”. Share your load, and you may halve it… but share your blessings, and they are doubled! Through this powerful law teams are able to reach common goals through single-minded purpose.
  • You choose your own path – Sometimes we lose our way… and we forget that our choices determine the outcome of our life. You are where you are because of choices you made, or failed to make. Once we stop blaming, and assume responsibility, we are free to find places we never knew existed. North is always in the same place – Not all paths lead out of the forest, so choose your path wisely. Only when you know where True North is, will you find your way. Learn to live “on purpose”.* Chiyetau Ombaze – “Go to it”. The tribal elders taught that you can have whatever you want, as long as you are willing to go to it. It will not come to you. Plant a tree on the horizon, and start the journey…

What This Presentation Will Do For Your Delegates
We are often too busy to be successful – so busy seeking success that we forget to pursue significance. Sometimes we find ourselves on the wrong path. Many simply exist – living lives of mediocrity – lives of quiet discontent. View full list of Speakers Q-Z

This presentation will take you on a journey of inner reflection: helping you to understand who you were – so that you may get to know who you are – and help you in your pursuit to become who you ought to be. You will find hope for tomorrow, built on the foundation of yesterday’s lessons.

More About The Content
You will be reminded that “you are only a person through other people” – that you should not climb so high that your travelling companions can’t keep up with you. Masiwa’s wisdom soon becomes apparent when he declares: “The zebra does not care for spots” – reminding us that we cannot make progress before we develop complete self-acceptance.

We learn that “the rain dampens the soil at its will, but cannot dampen my spirit without my will”. We choose our own attitude, regardless of our circumstance – and Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development will give tips on attitude management. In order for us to grow, we must next take responsibility for our own lives. Indeed, you do choose your own path. Your life is where it is because of choices you made – or failed to make.

Take responsibility, and you take charge of your life!
Finally, we must learn to “eat the elephant”. We can overcome our obstacles: but only if we do so one single step at a time. It can be done – one bite at a time. Too often, though, we see only the mountain, and not the path – we give up before we give it a go.

Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development has delivered this presentation to standing ovations worldwide. Humorous, full of wisdom, and complete with spectacular visuals of the African bush and its majestic inhabitants.

Stef du Plessis will captivate the minds and permeate the hearts of your delegates, follow Stef on Twitter


Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development


Refreshing … novel … informative and captivating. NEVILLE NIGHTINGALE, MANAGING DIRECTOR, WESBANK

Stimulating … cannot but capture people’s imagination and assist them to achieve their full potential. Unforgettable – definitely established a firm foundation for the new Sanlam Properties. BANUS VAN DER WALT, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SANLAM PROPERTIES

For once a speaker who orchestrates lasting change! When we left the conference laughing and crying some 3 months ago, I couldn’t have begun to contemplate just how significant the change in the attitude of our people would be. Highly recommended! ROY EVANS, GROUP INTERNAL AUDIT MANAGER, METCASH TRADING LIMITED

You expressed in the most professional and expressionable way what one can achieve … the way in which you apply your thoughts and views in a demanding society and business environment was excellent. Your address was certainly one of the main highlights of our conference. SHIRLEY SELZER, CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN, IISA

Your ability to capture the attention and hearts of your audience is astounding – it is an immense honour to be able to listen to you! FREDDIE ANDALAFT, CHAIRMAN (FREE STATE), LUASA

Delegates said that they have never been moved between tears and laughter so often in such a short space of time with such a potent message – delivered with so much vigour, humour, emotion and wit. DESMOND BATES, SENIOR MANAGER, METROPOLITAN LIFE

Congratulations on yet another standing ovation! As far as I know, this is the first time in our 14-year history that we used a main platform speaker at consecutive conferences. Your presentation was not only humorous and entertaining, but touched the most important issues in our industry. CHRISTO DAVEL, CHAIRMAN, MULTI RAND FORUM COMMITTEE ’94

The most informative and entertaining presentation that we’ve ever attended. Would benefit anyone and everyone – no matter what your industry. ANNE TREW, SENIOR MANAGER, HUMAN RESOURCES, RCI SOUTHERN AFRICA


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AROUND THE BLOCK. What you read here is what you get, guaranteed. Your assurance is his track record spanning two decades, two-dozen countries and over 3,500 successful assignments.

FULL HOUSE OFFERING. It’s not by chance that Stef du Plessis is consistently rated as one of the top motivational and business speakers, conference after conference. Nor is it a coincidence that his corporate clients swear by his in-house programmes to help them to improve their performance, year in and year out.

SOLID CONTENT. With a Masters degree in leadership, Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development is academically well grounded. Many of his programmes were developed under the auspices of the University of Johannesburg, and given his considerable experience as an executive-level leader and entrepreneur over many years, he balances this with a hands-on approach.

PEOPLE MOBILISER. Participant feedback is unanimous: he radiates authenticity. This connects him with people at all levels, across all divides. Now add that he is also a gifted communicator.Result: Stef is able to motivate and inspire people to the point where they want to do more, and be more.

SHOW STOPPER. Stef du Plessis – Leadership People Development is consistently rated as one of the standout speakers at premier conferences. So much so that he has been invited to speak on a number of the world’s most prestigious stages, to audiences of up to 10,000 people, translated simultaneously into as many as 18 languages… including the Million Dollar Round Table.

CULTURE ARCHITECT. His corporate clients – including many of the most recognised brands in business today – bring him back to do more work with their people, year after year. Sometimes for a decade or longer.

INDUSTRY ICON. It comes as no surprise then that Stef has received every available accreditation and award on offer to a South African based speaker, bar one: namely the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa’s highest and most coveted award. This undeniably demonstrates that his industry peers consider him to be the ultimate role model and that his career is a benchmark case study.

FOOL PROOF. Stef du Plessis does not take on assignments that are beyond the scope of his expertise, and he only accepts invitations to work with a group or speak at an event after making sure that his content and style is a good fit.


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