Shareen Richter – Laughter Professor is The ONLY Laughter & Happiness Professor in Africa, a De-stress Coach, Expert Motivational Speaker & MC.

Having trained overseas in this specialised field, Shareen brought back to South Africa,  “Laughter Coaching”.  Shareen’s drive  to help organisations attain “Happiness @ Work” has led to her being a Finalist for Sage Pastel  702 Small Business Awards , internationally represented at TED X Johannesburg – streamed to over 140 countries and  invited as a guest Speaker for the World International Laughter Conference: Southern Fried Laughter, Georgia, Atlanta.

Founder and Owner of  Africa’s largest and most successful Laughter Coaching Organisation,  having 2 business degrees and trained and coached in SA’s top 100 companies over 30 000 people, frequently  commissioned for Government and State work. Book through Conference Speakers

Shareen Richter - Laughter Professor
Shareen Richter – Laughter Professor

Shareen is not only highly qualified but is a dynamic and engaging speaker that gives powerful strategies to create”stress-less” happy organisations.

Shareen is frequently in the media; TV, Radio and Print and has been featured in Europe & North America on national radio. Shareen keeps audiences entertained with her interactive thought provoking happiness tools.

Shareen is an Alumni of the Cherie Blair foundation – United Kingdom.

Challenging times and difficult ecomonic conditions require that people feel good and perform at their “BEST”. The only way to ensure successful, profitable companies is to ensure that it’s people are happy!

Her presentations and program give her clients a clear vision of how to achieve and implement a more sustainable happy stress free environment, with easy to use, realistic tools and strategies ensuring that companies and their people are equipped to build successful teams and groups, that are creative, connected and work well together.

She helps her clients gain competitive advantage by understanding how – and why – stress, anxiety, pressure and lack of motivation effects productivity.

PEOPLE are an organisations most valuable assets.  Shareen’s full-time team as well as her international affiliates are constantly researching and tracking new strategies on happiness, stress management, laughter coaching and positive psychology to develop presentations, strategic insights, and practical tools, that ensure Shareen maintains her reputation and skills as one of the world’s leading Corporate Laughter & Happiness Professors.

Her work includes the latest research in Positve psycology as well as work from Harvard University and the most current information on Happiness @ Work. Shareen’s presentations are fun, entertaining and use experiential learning as they key to remember her talks long after they are over.

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Her focus is on a sustained outcome and not “just” a great talk. Individuals and organisations are transformed after going through her programs or experiencing her talks.

As a keynote presenter and facilitator, she uses multimedia, music, and “custom made tool kits” to make her insights and strategies accessible.

Shareen’s focus is on helping to teach and shift people giving them the tools so they are easily able to release stress and tension, change their moods, increase their energy and just FEEL BETTER, no matter where they the office, in the traffic or at home.

In order for any organisation to be successful it needs to have happy and motivated people… Shareen’s talks, programs and tembuildings are specifically focused on the constantly challenging and changing nature of business, work and life.

 Happy companies + Happy Employees = Happy Customers + Happy Profits

“I’m HAPPY & I Don’t Know It!”

“Rocking  Your Role” as a woman  in both the workplace and at home.  It’s often not easy to find that happy space inside when juggling many roles and responsibilities  and challenges. In order to make an impact in the world around us, we need to feel good inside.

This talk will equip and enlighten the audience with strategies for releasing stress and attaining happiness, despite daily challenges. Having these strategies available, gives a woman that X-Factor, enabling them to achieve their potential in all areas of life! Shareen will teach them strategies to cope and make an impact.

When a person is able to find their “Happy” space inside, they are able to find their GREATNESS. Shareen’s talk will take you on a journey to help discover how to tap into HAPPY and Rock you Role!

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