South African born Robert Andrew – Motivation Teamwork is an ex professional Rugby player. He has played at the top level in professional sport rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s top sportsman.

Robert Andrew

Rob is very passionate about the outdoors which has complimented his agricultural business ventures that he established before and after his rugby career. Making him not only a sportsman but a savvy entrepreneur. Now available to book through Conference Speakers

At the age of 10, Rob was dropped off at boarding school during a messy divorce in Mooi River Kwa-Zulu Natal, only later did Rob discover that he had a major handicap, dyslexia. He believes that much of the success he has achieved in life has come through the hardship and challenges that he faced during this period in his life. During Rob’s schooling career, he received full honours in different disciplines in sports but not rugby, this did not stop Rob from intentionally pursuing a professional rugby career successfully.

After overcoming tremendous physical and mental challenges his career took him from South Africa where he played for the Springbok Varsity team, Springbok Barbarians and the Golden Lions, to France and England where he played for some of the world’s best rugby clubs amongst them the Leicester Tigers.

Over the years, Robert Andrew – Motivation Teamwork has faced many challenges and extremes, from great fame to massive failure, near divorce, bankruptcy and a career ending joke. To top it off Rob had to face major political challenges that only life can throw at you in a high-performance position. Through his experiences and learning this speaker has a wide scope of truths and advise to share with his audience.

Rob has completed six diplomas in different forms of agriculture and stock trading, over and above this he has also completed various self-development courses. He has a passion for continuous growth in mental knowledge and development and is striving to complete an MBA in the future.

While playing rugby in France he learnt basic French.

He has a wealth of experience in public speaking (covering events from public forms to large corporate events, Marketing sponsorship, charities and mergers), working with reporters, news agencies and radio stations. Rob is no stranger to being in the public eye and has received large coverage on national and international television during his sporting career.

What does Rob offer? 

  • Team cohesion and motivation.
  • Leadership motivation and development
  • Corporate events key note.
  • Public events.
  • Private events breakfast, lunch and supper.
  • Motivation, learn to love the challenge.
  • Determination obsession, Hero to Zero and Zero to Hero creating success in everything you do.
  • Personal Struggle, positive mental attitude.
  • Insight into what it takes to become a professional in your field and Rugby.
  • Overcoming fear and failure and being Bold.
  • Fight to be a winner every time.
  • Prosperity conscience and scarcity conscience to aid your financial development motivation.
  • Sharing entertaining stories to create a great event.

Time frames available.

  • 1 hour keynote.
  • 45 minutes’ keynote +15 min open questions.
  • Extra time if requested and customer requirements.

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