Jenny Reid – Business Strategy is as resolute, audacious and enterprising in business as she is in her day-to-day life.

Jenny is the CEO of iFacts a leading South African organisation, which helps companies to identify and manage people risk. Jenny has taken the simple premise – that people can ultimately make or break an organisation – and turned that premise into a global concern, an inspirational example for any entrepreneur in today’s tough and competitive market. Now available to book through Conference Speakers

Jenny Reid - Business Strategy

iFacts leads the way in Background Checks, Screening and Vetting. It offers a range of proactive services to ensure that companies achieve optimum performance with loyal, honest, ethical and dedicated employees and suppliers, reaping maximum return on human resources investments.

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Jenny’s strong leadership style and outspoken views on corporate crime and political corruption have made her a highly sought-after local and international conference speaker. Her determination, enthusiasm and energy have made her a stand out role model in the industry where she has become an inspiration and mentor to other women entrepreneurs. Her solid experience gets her respect, while her fearless attitude is admired by her peers, the media and clients.

Never content to rest on here laurels, Jenny Reid – Business Strategy has taken the iFacts brand global, with established branches all over the world. She is also constantly looking for innovative ways to ensure companies maintain true human resource value. Together with a network of valuable partner relationships, iFacts offers a complete human resources solution.

Jenny Reid – Business Strategy


  1. The Human Risk in Cybercrime
  2. Employee Screening Policy
  3. Cyber Fraud, Vendors & Third Party Infiltration into Organisations
  4. Emerging Threats in People Risk
  5. Fooling the Auditor
  7. Look for the terrorist & not the bomb
  8. People Risk Management

Jenny Reid