As a leading authority on being a partner in business Dineshrie Pillay – Solutions Leader speaks and trains in the fields of self-empowerment, public speaking, business acumen and leadership. Having worked in corporate for over 12 years, Dineshrie understands the importance of being a well-rounded leader who is not only technically astute but business savvy too.

She is the author of the book, The contract with yourself – a self-help guide that is available globally on Amazon, Kindle, i-Book and Kalahari Bookstores. The book combines over 15 years of her experience, sharing simple and effective tools to help you to achieve success in life.

Dineshrie Pillay - Author Solutions Leaders Business

Dineshrie Pillay

Dineshrie has been interviewed on Radio stations including Tuks FM and Durban FM on the subject of career and leadership. Dineshrie also writes a monthly column on public speaking for the Accounting SA – South Africa’s leading magazine for Chartered Accountants. Her articles on leadership have been featured in magazines including The Business Brief.

Dineshrie is a qualified chartered accountant (CA)SA and fellow chartered management accountant (FCMA) The FCMA designation is awarded to a select group of individuals who have attained executive strategic experience and leadership roles.

Dineshrie’s Key Note Presentations

Your interview with the mirror!

Short Summary – Give a short description of the event and who it is aimed at.
✓ Is life passing you by?
✓ Are you living someone else’s dream and not your own?
✓ How many legal contracts are running your life? Five? Ten? More than ten?
✓ Do you find life stressful and just managing to survive each day?
✓ Are you so busy meeting so many other people’s needs that you have forgotten about   meeting your own needs?

From the author of “The Contract with Yourself” come and listen to this inspirational talk of how you can take back C.O.N.T.R.O.L. by consciously signing a contract with yourself.

It is based on principles from my book “The Contract with Yourself”. If you have any clients that are looking for a motivational talk that is about inspiring leadership from within – then this talk would be idea. Length is 45 minutes with just content and can be 90 minutes if in group interaction and discussion.

The Amazing Game of Life

This is the ideal motivational talk for your team at work or for a mixed group of conference delegates. Using analogies and stories from the hit American television series, “Amazing Race,” you will be inspired by leadership lessons drawn from the reality television show to make life-changing decisions in both your career and personal life.

This talk covers how you can deal with the 4 main challenges in life of:

  1. Approaching competition
  2. Dealing with crisis
  3. Communicating with others and
  4. Making choices on a daily basis.

You can be a speaker too!

During this talk, you will learn a simple speaking structure to:

  1. Connect with any audience.
  2. Use vocal variety to your benefit.
  3. Constantly improve your technique and style of presenting to groups.
  4. Engage your audience in a way that is both entertaining and educational.
  5. Learn a simple technique to deliver your talk that is memorable and state-altering.

Become a world-class public speaker by learning from one.

Sink, swim or fly

As a leader in business the one skill that will separate you from being ordinary to extraordinary is your ability to be creative in solving problems. In this talk, you will learn not only how to become an innovative thinker, but you will also learn how to instill a virtuous creative environment in your organisation. Follow CSI on Twitter

This talk “Sink, swim or fly” will teach you practical techniques of how you can bring about creativity and innovation in your workplace.

Balancing “Me” vs “We” to create EMpoWEring teams

Developing winning teams is a fine balance of what you do and how you work with your teams to bring out the best in them to achieve team goals.

In this talk, you will learn:

  1. How to be part of a winning team.
  2. How to instill a culture of success.
  3. How to balance personal crisis with team challenges.
  4. How to be solution-driven towards finding innovative solutions.
  5. How to nurture young talent within teams for leadership roles.
  6. How to achieve individual success and still contribute towards a successful team.
  7. How to implement simple reward and recognition programs to acknowledge individual and team achievement.


Dineshrie Pillay is a Business Partnering Specialist, public speaking trainer and coach who help Business Owners and Professionals to reach new levels of personal growth.

Dineshrie Pillay – Author Solutions Leaders Business leverages 15+ years of corporate experience, speaking training background, voluntary leadership experience, 5 years of lecturing on topics of leadership and strategy, and her passion for developing people, to help professionals to achieve their goals and objectives in their business and career.


  1. Have Incredible Self-Worth
  2. Be an Inspirational Speaker
  3. Implement Invaluable Business Insights
  4. Be an Influential leader in business


“The SAICA Women Reinventing Leadership conference held on the 29th of August 2013 at the Indaba Hotel bears reference. On behalf of SAICA I would like to express appreciation for your selfless contribution to the accountancy profession. We appreciate you taking time out of your tight schedule to come and share your valued insight with the members.The feedback received from the members was excellent. Your continuing participation and contribution is instrumental to our success.” Thuli Bamuza Regional Executive: Northern Region The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

“Dineshrie is a very good speaker that inspires her audience. Her preparation for her speeches is excellent. She is a passionate speaker that keeps her audience interested in the overall story line of her speech. The presentation was done in a logical order and the content was well constructed. She is a formidable speaker with great potential to compete on an international level. Well done!” Debbie Tarr (FCMA) Divisional Manager, Rand Merchant Bank, South Africa

“Dineshrie Pillay – Solutions Leader is a dynamic and confident coach. I was inspired by her passion and energetic personality. “Flags of Change” speech was relevant and inspiring. In spite of desperate challenges in life, the power lies within each of us, to push forward and reach our aspirations. If we dream it, we can do it. We have only one shot at life, we need to bring our ‘A’ game to everything we do.” Tracy Naidoo CA (SA) Financial manager Fluor SA (Pty) Ltd

“The CIMA Graduation address by Dineshrie Pillay was highly informative and relevant. It addressed the need for young CIMA graduates to appreciate the idea that it is no longer sufficient to rely solely on one’s academic credentials in building one’s career in today’s fast moving and competitive environment. CIMA graduates need to understand that the CIMA qualification only lays a solid foundation for one’s career and the real work of gaining practical experience and building one’s career lies in each individuals hands and requires continuous effort and dedication. The address definitely inspired me and has helped me to plan my career going forward.” Yaron Lang CIMA Graduate, South Africa

Dineshree Pillay