Donna Rachelson – Branding Marketing is a businesswoman and a branding and marketing specialist. She has a fascination in personal and team branding and its impact on business growth.

Donna Rachelson, specialist in branding and marketing, is the author of three books: Play to Win: What Women can learn from Men in Business; Branding & Marketing YOU and Branding & Marketing YOU Through Teams..

As a successful businesswoman and investor in businesses, Donna is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and women, uplifting them with her unique brand of inspiringly practical, results-driven guidance.  Book through Conference Speakers

She is founder of Branding & Marketing YOU and currently Chief Catalyst Seed Academy – a training and incubation ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

Donna Rachelson - Branding Team Marketing
Donna Rachelson 

Having  held a number of Marketing Director positions in blue  chip organisations including Nando’s and the South  African Institute of Chartered Accountants as well as marketing management positions at Standard Bank and AECI, Donna Rachelson-Branding Team Marketing is driven  to empower people to incorporate branding, marketing and business development into all aspects of their  work.

Donna Rachelson – Branding Marketing has a solid business education, including an MBA and is currently a guest lecturer at GIBS. She is also author of the bestselling book ‘Branding & Marketing YOU’, the first South African based personal branding and marketing book.  She has just released her second book – Branding & Marketing YOU through Teams.

Donna is CEO of Branding & Marketing YOU that helps people, teams and organisations brand and market themselves in innovative and impactful ways. The company has trained and coached many people across more than 20 blue chip clients, including Microsoft, McKinsey, Discovery, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Deloitte and Basil Read.

Donna Rachelson – Branding Marketing is a dedicated wife and mother and in her spare time, assists charity and NGO organisations to market themselves effectively. She has a keen interest in hiking, running, skiing and chocolate.

Her motto that drives her is ‘Making a marketing difference everyday’


v  Branding & Marketing YOU

v  Branding & Marketing your TEAM

v  Marketing lessons from Lady Gaga

v  What women can to learn from men in business

v  7 keys to small business marketing success

Branding & Marketing YOU

What sets you apart from everyone else?

Companies build brands to ensure that buyers create a connection with their services and are motivated to purchase these. In many cases, companies spend a lot of time, money and energy building and marketing these brands. But often, before your company sells anything – your product, service or company – they buy your people first. People need to buy into them as a brand before they buy into what they’re selling, and if that’s the case, it makes sense to brand and market your people.

When your employees brand themselves, they develop a reputation that precedes them and are perceived to be more desirable and powerful.

Others may have the same skills, competence and experience as they do. They may have attended the same university or completed the same training courses. To stand out from the crowd and become influential in their sphere of business, they need to find out what makes them distinctive and memorable.

Understanding their brand essence and how best to position their brand so that they really ‘stand out’ will set them up for success. Growing and marketing their brand will help them shine in your organization. They’ll begin to exude confidence, charisma and authority. Follow on Twitter

Personal branding and marketing is for companies wishing to give their employees the tools to be outstanding brand ambassadors.

In the ‘Branding and Marketing YOU’ presentation, participants will:

  • Understand why personal branding is so important in today’s business environment
  • Become aware of the importance of perceptions in developing a powerful personal brand
  • Develop an understanding of how to brand, position and better ‘package’ themselves
  • Create practical ideas of how they can better brand and market themselves

“Thank you for an excellent presentation and bringing home an important message about personal branding. You have created awareness and enthusiasm in our people for something that will benefit them personally – but also our company. A real win-win! Your energy, expertise and enthusiasm is contagious!” Elise de Beer, Deloitte Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Branding & Marketing Your Team

Most businesses have dabbled in team-building, but few have embraced ‘team branding’, a modern approach to transforming your team. Team branding focuses on effectively positioning your team by communicating its value, and in turn creating a sustainable, unique relationship with customers.

Communicating your team’s value has become vital in today’s business environment. No matter what your team does or how much value it adds – it is vital your target market and key stakeholders understand your team’s value adding activities.

Discover the essence of what makes your team pre-eminent and how to project your team brand through a Branding & Marketing your Team. Building a strong and well-respected team brand has a diverse range of benefits:

  • Individuals in well-branded teams are more motivated, productive and committed to achieving results
  • A pre-eminent team is streets ahead when it comes to competing for share of mind and relevance
  • Members of well-branded teams are able to clearly articulate what they do and why they are vital to key stakeholders

In this inspiring one hour presentation, participants will gain insight into the key characteristics of well branded team and what they can do to ‘kick start’ their team brand building activities.

“I have a brutally honest team, and I must say that they were all delighted with the session, the feedback was extremely positive – in fact it was 100% positive – and this is a first! It was practical advice, excellently delivered that will be of major benefit to me as well as my entire team. Donna was extremely professional and the material was practical, clear and concise. I would confidently recommend Donna’s Branding & Marketing your TEAM keynote to others.” Grace del Fava, Head: Micro Marketing, Sanlam

Marketing lessons from Lady Gaga

A nut looking for attention or a Business & Marketing Genius?!?

She is 26yrs old. She dropped out of school and started singing in night clubs. She had no identity, no reputation, no following….

Four years later she is one of the most successful and talked about artists in the world!

What does she know that we don’t?

In the ‘Marketing lessons from Lady Gaga’ keynote we uncover the secrets behind the astronomical success of Lady Gaga – marketing phenomenon of the new millennium and find out how Lady Gaga’s guiding principles and strategies can help rocket YOUR business to the top in a competitive world!

This keynote is a sizzlingly powerful session that exposes participants to the 7 key principles of Business Development – turning the spotlight on the myriad of opportunities concealed in YOUR business

  • Understand your approach to business development and the successes/challenges around this
  • Create impactful ways of being ‘true’ to your brand
  • Define your ‘ideal’ prospect
  • Develop and refine your key message
  • Develop innovative ways of managing contacts
  • Understand where new business will come from and key strategies to get more
  • Develop skill around asking for referral business
  • Determine opportunities for strategic alliances and criteria for mutual benefit
  • Determine innovative ways of being relevant and adding value
  • Address creative and impactful ways of following up with contacts
  • Understand how to manage time to prioritise business development

“It was a privilege to attend Donna Rachelson’s keynote entitled, ‘Marketing lessons from Lady Gaga.’  The keynote is sophisticated and funky, and most certainly evoked enthusiasm to ‘unleash the GAGA’ in our business.  Donna conveys the 7 key principles of business development with such passion, and in such an innovative way, you will walk away aspiring to attend the half day workshop to learn more about concealed opportunities.  The keynote energised us to book our managers on the half day workshop to equip them with new skills to take our business to higher levels.  What a moving experience” Renee Lombard, HR Manager: Training & Development, Basil Read

NEW! What women can learn from men in business

Tired of playing politics, working hard and receiving too little return for your efforts? It’s time to master the advantage of being able to wear both the skirt and the pants.

Donna Rachelson – Branding Team Marketing has over her career of 25 years worked with a number of senior executive women and has gained insight into how they have built their careers. She also embarked on a conscious experiment last year working alongside men to uncover the differences in the Mars and Venus approach to business.

In an inspiring one-hour talk, she will share the secrets and insights on how to play business like a game, take it like a man and make your moves.

Through Donna Rachelson – Branding Marketing powers of observation , you will learn how to focus on the results, work your network and state your views, without being afraid to fake it until you are it.

This talk will positively impact your business style and, in turn, help you become a smarter player in the workplace

Donna Rachelson – Branding Marketing

7 keys to small business marketing success

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is how to market their businesses effectively. Most understand that marketing is important, but few understand what activities to focus on that will have maximum impact for their business. In most cases, entrepreneurs waste money on ad hoc activities that are not strategically driven; are ‘one’ offs and are not measured in terms of effectiveness and having a tangible ROI.

While huge misperceptions exist of what marketing is, there is huge benefit of garnering real benefit for one’s business through an effective marketing system.

In this enlightening one hour presentation, participants will be exposed to ‘marketing as a system’,’ conceptualised by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing,

The presentation will cover the core principles of effective marketing for small business.


1)    Strategy before tactics

2)    The Marketing Hourglass

3)    Publishing educational content

4)    Creating a total web presence

5)    Operating the lead generation trio

6)    Making selling a system

7)    Living by the marketing calendar

“I highly recommend Donna Rachelson’s ‘7 keys to small business marketing success’ to any up and coming entrepreneur. I can sum it up very simply as this: All experts at the forefront of their art have their own collection of in-house coined terms. In Donna Rachelson’s keynote it is simply one phrase, ‘the aha moment’. And there were many of them. She stripped away all misconceptions I had of marketing and in great clarity laid it bare for me.” Juan van Wyk, Lamps on Line

Donna Rachelson
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