Chris Voysey – Communication Change

Chris Voysey – Communication Change completed a degree in English and Philopsophy and a Teachers Dipoma in Speech while spending time in the theatre as an Actor and Director.

In this capacity as Coach, Facilitator and Speaker, his interests, knowledge and business experience have merged to find expression in enabling others to enhance their work performance and develop a personal brand. View speakers listed A-H

Chris Voysey - Communication Change

Chris Voysey – Communication Change

Chris Voysey – Communication Change

A talk entitled UP YOURS!

Dial up Your Communication Power is available.

The talk (which can be adjusted in length to suit the event), focuses on what successful communication is and how we can develop abilities to strengthen how we come across to others and build our personal brands

Chris offers workshops in The Art of Successful Communication and Presentation Skills focusing on what it takes to make a strong impact through communication and through embracing techniques that help us to present with power.

Coaching is a valid and valuable intervention in the area of skills development. Voice and communication coaching focuses on you and your voice and how you express yourself.

If you’re wanting to strengthen your personal communication skills, contact Chris for an initial one-on-one consultation.

“Your help, not only in voice coaching, but the structure of the debate for impact, and most importantly in the delivery of the prepared debate, was invaluable.” Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter

Ann Mc Donell, DA KZN Legislature
“Chris Voysey spent many years with GNLD, often in the role of Master of Ceremonies of major conventions across our world markets. He is a talented speaker and demonstrates exceptional skills in connecting with multi-cultural international audiences.”

Roget Uys, President, GNLD International
“Chris is key to the rollout of the Entrepreneur Programme through his branding input and preparation of the Entrepreneurs. He is a valued Coach and Trainer and is widely recognised in our business community.”

Cobus Oelefse, CEO Ilembe Chamber of Commerce

“The course content is brilliant. Everyday I have learnt something new about myself and useful techniques in encountering interviews.”

“Chris is one great facilitator. He has got passion in voice coaching and has excellent connection with the participants – he is easy to approach and practices what he preaches.”

“The course is really helpful – it made me come out of my shell and be less nervous.”

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