Bronwyn Crawford – Corporate Motivational is a Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Consultant with years of experience working with a variety of individuals and corporates globally.

Bronwyn has led teams in various business industries, in the United Kingdom and Africa, the likes of advertising and marketing, hospitality, corporate eventing and conferencing, the financial sector and law. Bronwyn has founded businesses and understands the challenges entrepreneurs face on the often seemingly lonely road.. Book through Conference Speakers

Bronwyn Crawford - Corporate Motivational

Bronwyn understands the corporate and small business environment and therefore has a better understanding of you, your staff and your client’s needs.

Her success and expertise lie in:

* Business development and growth by following through on strategy

* Managing the ongoing change businesses face and planning for the future

* Building high performance teams

* Expanding the success of businesses by inspiring individuals to self-lead.

Bronwyn Crawford – Corporate Motivational is now committed to using her talent for inspiring change through speaking and training to ensure you and your team acquire the same successes.

Bronwyn Crawford – Corporate Motivational Coach continues to educate herself in areas of Applied Psychology for Professionals, Project Leadership, and Coaching, and applies the philosophy and her years of experience in connecting with her audience for powerful results.  Follow CSI on Twitter

Bronwyn’s most sought-after presentations are:

  1. Navigating the Waves of Change

Managing change in turbulent times.

We live in a time of turbulence and constant change. What we once knew to be stable and certain now no longer seems to exist. If we wish to stay ahead of the game and our competitors we need to learn to find comfort in the state of change, we need to embrace the opportunities change can afford us, both as individuals as well as organisations.

Key Takeaways:

  • A deeper understanding of what ‘change’ is and who it impacts.
  • A new perspective on ‘change’ and how it can be beneficial?
  • Tools and techniques for managing change effectively involving all stakeholders.
  • How to communicate change with the least resistance.

Format: 45 – 90 min keynote

  1. Mind the Culture Gap

Bridging the Gap in Corporate Culture.

An employee who “fits” into your organisation is able to integrate quickly, navigate the organisation, partner with leaders, influence decisions, make a difference and improve or even transform business effectiveness and performance. When the fit is right, all things are possible.

Hire the right “fit” and experience real value.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand corporate culture and the effect it has on an organisation and the individuals within it.
  • Identify your current and ideal corporate culture.
  • A strategy to bridge the gap from ‘the old’ to ‘the new’ culture.
  • Tips on how to hire the right fit for your organisation.

Format: 45 – 90 min keynote

  1. E²R²

Employee Engagement, Recognition & Retention (Leadership Coaching)

As managers, business owners or entrepreneurs we are measured on profitability, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Over a decade of research was done in more than 2 dozen countries, 200 000 interviews with managers and employees including Fortune 500 companies identified that appreciation is what employees want most from their management and that 79% of employees who quit, cite lack of appreciation as a key reason for doing so.

How do we ensure that the employees we desire to retain within our organisation, choose to remain?

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the value of long term, stable and motivated employees?
  • How to engage with quality employees.
  • How to communicate effectively.
  • How to reduce the turnover rate through recognition, resulting in an increase in your organisation’s profitability, productivity, morale and loyalty.
  • Tools to implement that ensure retention of valued employees resulting in an overall increase in productivity and a positive working environment.

Format: 45 – 90 min keynote

  1. Design your Ideal Life

Blueprint to Authentic Living. Simple Strategies to Life Fulfilment.

Our life is a result of the environments, circumstances and people we have encountered and interacted with since birth. As a result, so many of us wake up one day realising we are not living the life WE desire, but rather living out what we have seen others do. We may not be happy, life may feel like an effort and we realise that most of the time in our day/week/month is occupied with tasks we feel we “should” be doing and not things we feel inspired and excited to partake in.

Our thoughts and emotional state are often consumed with worry and lack of enjoyment.

How do we get out of the rut? A starting point is to carve out some time and ask ourselves some powerful questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thought provoking questions to identify the life you desire.
  • Learn simple strategies to implement into your daily life.
  • Design your unique blueprint to achieve fulfilment.

Format: 45 – 90 min keynote

  1. Mind Management for Success

Psychology for Life and Business Success

Brian Tracy is well known for the saying “what you believe with conviction becomes your reality, whether it is true or not.”

In psychology we are reminded that our thoughts precede our feelings, attitudes and behaviors; that our daily habits, whether positive or negative compound over a period of time and result in a specific outcome.

As individuals we are responsible for our thoughts, beliefs and actions. Should we wish to change our actions (results) we need to start with changing our mindset. Like a muscle we would train and strengthen, our mind too is a muscle that can be strengthened and trained to think differently.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand how your mind works and how you can take back control.
  • Identifying with your inner voice and learn to control it.
  • Tools to create powerful beliefs that result in positive life changing behaviours. Watch how your business, relationships, financial situation and health will transform.

            Format: 45 – 90 min keynote

  1. Time Management starts with Self-Management

Your values influence the expenditure of your time

We often hear it being said that “there is never enough time in the day”,  but, since we all get the same 24 hours, why is it that some people achieve so much more with their time than others?

One of the biggest problems that most managers, business owners and entrepreneurs have isn’t exclusively in how they can ‘get enough done’ in a demanding environment, but also how they maintain some resemblance of balance without feeling too overworked or resentful. It isn’t solely about achieving and going after goals and deadlines around the clock, but rather also about quality of life.

Being able to plan and exercise conscious control of how you spend your time on specific activities to increase efficiency as well as a balanced life requires an important shift in focus supported by a powerful time management system.

Don’t squander the precious time you do have – Take the time to manage it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify your personal values and learn how they govern your daily decisions.
  • Tools to self awareness and making wiser decisions on your spend of time.
  • An effective time management system.
  • Tips on dealing with procrastination.

Format: 45 – 90 min keynote

Bronwyn Crawford – Corporate Motivational

What others have to say:

“Don’t know how to thank you enough” – C. Botha (Protea Chemicals)

“Bron, you have taught me so much about myself, my job and my character. I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life. The lessons you have taught me and the way you have molded me. I think you have really got a great gift, love, warmth, joy and great advice. I will never forget you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – K. Bainbridge

“You understood me and really gave me stuff to think about, plus you motivated me to sort out my business decisions and goals.” – R. Wainwright

“Been working and training hard and inspiration to do so still makes me think about you every time! Beginning to live my dream! Thank you.” – P. Steyn