Anthony Nathan – Disruptive Innovation

Anthony Nathan – Disruptive Innovation A Viable Vision and Strategy to Create Uncontested Market Space through Innovation [“It is not Luck“]

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Born in South Africa, Anthony Nathan and Henning du Preez have followed a journey of game-changing in their lives.

Anthony Nathan – Disruptive Innovation

Anthony Nathan – Disruptive Innovation

Anthony Nathan – Disruptive Innovation

Never satisfied with the status quo and always trying to find the breakthrough, this journey has brought them not just together, but also brought the birth of potentially the single biggest disruption in the global innovation space.

Standing on the shoulders of giants like Dr Eli Goldratt (Theory of Constraints), Elon Musk (Probable Entrepreneur of the century) and Everett Rogers & Geoffrey Moore (Innovation Adoption Lifecycle)

Anthony and Henning have recognised that the odds of success in the innovation eco-space have never really improved, and have made it their single biggest challenge to ultimately over-turn the odds.

After joining forces, they discovered a way to leverage the “first principles” that governs a disruptive innovation (a game-changer), by changing from “pushing” the innovation towards the market, to getting the market to “pull” the innovation. Pushing always builds resistance. Pulling always speeds up adoption.

Henning and Anthony’s business message is relevant to every business today (small, medium, large). To those that are thriving on disruptive innovation, and even those that are threatened by disruptive innovation. The world has moved towards a space, where even the largest are fragile again!

Their prime objective is to present to you, a simple but powerful solution, for a very complex problem (the poor odds of innovation success). They will shake your paradigm, and change the way you look at innovation, and the market forever. Follow CSI on Twitter

They do not consult, but insult ( with uncommon logic ).

It is not more of the same, but a radical departure from the norm. They thrive on principles and a longer-term view. They will give you sufficient time to look through their eyes.  To see a new world, and how you can benefit from adopting a new approach, and to make it a fundamental part of any corporate strategy.

Some of the topics covered during the presentation “It’s not Luck” include:

Every disruptive innovation faces a Market Adoption Constraint – PERIOD!

Some innovations battle a market adoption constraint, decades later.

Understanding innovation, means understanding Market Adoption

How poor are the odds, in the space of innovation?

Is Corporate Innovation, Corporate Gambling or Corporate Strategy?

Only two principles govern a Market Adoption Constraint.

A complex problem, like the poor odds of innovation, is not solved by a complex solution, but by an incredible simple one.

A game-changer also require changing the rules in the market.

Why 9 out of 10 innovation neglect to considered the change of rules in the market – playing a new game, with the old rules does not work !

The easy-of-use for the customer, is not the same as, the ease-of-extracting the full benefit from the innovation!

Why it never “does what it says on the BOX”?

Innovation is necessary but not sufficient, the market must adopt the new way or rules to benefit from the disruption from the norm.

Disruptive Innovation creates Uncontested market space.

Disruptive Innovation’s biggest competitor, is the customer holding onto the old rules / old paradigm!

Why promoting the features and benefits of an innovation, slows adoption rather than speeding it up.

Turning Features and Benefits of the innovation into a MAFIA ( un-refusable ) offer for the Market.Moving innovation from “possible” to “probable” to “proven” success in a very short period of time.

Anthony Nathan – Disruptive Innovation

Talk Specifications:

Length of presentation: 50 to 60 minute breakfast / lunch or conference / seminar slot. Shorter versions can be accommodated.

Equipment Required: Large screen plus projector, cordless radio lapel microphone for large venues.