Speaker of note and Storyteller Doriaan Haarhoff

Dorian HaarhofSaddle your story horse and ride into the sunset of the year…. or the sunrise

How has the year turned out for you? What are your horizons and hopes for 2016  – as a professional and a person?

We all need a story to live by. And what better time than the end or beginning of the year to do so in the company of  someone who knows the reins, bridal, bit, and stirrup of  stories and how they energise and get that powerful horse galloping across the plains.

‘Astounding’ … ‘Awesome’ … ‘Inspirational’

Pepe Marais, Creative Director of Joe Public: ” astounding. ..you left my team with the most awesome energy that bounced off the walls for an entire week.”

Hire story-teller Dorian Haarhoff for your end of/beginning of year function….

Dorian’s stories will entertain, enthuse, amuse, bemuse and inspire your staff and guests…get them connected … get them buzzing…he speaks with passion and panache…

When Dorian speaks and tells stories he walks on water – (Professor James Palmer, Univ of Colorado).

Dorian presents story evenings for executives, donor agencies, medical doctors, teachers, researchers, street teenagers, Embassies, therapists, hospice workers, Aids counsellors and development organisations. A former Professor of English (Namibia). he has since 1998 run his own business, Creative Wordshops..

re-story, re-create and  re-imagine your life and work

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