South Africa’s most topical Keynotes from Daniel Silke

With current economic and political issues providing a very dynamic backdrop to South Africa, Daniel Silke offers some of the most topical presentations currently available. President Zuma’s State of the Nation Address and Trevor Manuel’s National Development Plan combined with Pravin Gorhan’s Budget 2013 set the scene for a critical year as the country grapples with providing better delivery to its people. Add to the mix the creation of Mamphele Ramphele’s new political party Agang and the emergence of the first “Born Free” generation of voters and South Africa’s enters an era of immense change, challenge and opportunity. Don’t miss Political Analyst Daniel Silke’s latest keynote on “The State of the Nation” in which he addresses these and many other critical issues facing the country in an entertaining, insightful and expertly illustrated fashion.

South Africa is also operating on a broader global and regional front. In March, the leaders of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) will meet in Durban. These nations are global leaders and their economic and political importance into the future will be considerable – in fact, they are already changing the power relationships in the world. Daniel Silke offers an exciting and entertaining new Keynote “The BRICS Future” which analyses the concept and role of the BRICS – from their economic clout to their political goals and agenda. If you or your company does not yet know about BRICS, now is the time to get familiar with them – they will be the future!

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