Showcasing our incredible ladies for Mother’s Day and Women’s Day

We’re teaming up with various organisations to celebrate the amazing mothers in our midst; women who work incredibly hard, in-and-out-of-the office. For the month leading up to Mother’s Day, we have selected some real powerhouse women to give us their favorite piece of advice when it comes to parenting and working.

Up first, a woman who is redefining the public speaking industry – Ashley Hayden!

IMG_5375Charming, humorous, and self deprecating, Ashley tells the story of meeting a fan, and afterwards her daughter asking her in an astonished tone:  “But Mom, why on earth would that lady want her photo taken with you?”  Despite being a very recognizable public figure from her acting, presenting and radio achievements over the years, to her children Cara and Guy, her numerous professional achievements are secondary. She says that her kids see her as loving, strict, dependable – the person who always knows where to find ‘stuff’ – lost hairbrushes, hockey sticks and lego figures, and the fairy godmother who can wave a magic wand at 8pm to help make a Zulu hut out of an old Pringles container and some toothpicks for the school project due the next day.

IMG_0214Like any working mom, Ashley admits her biggest challenge is to balance family with her work as a popular MC, speaker and corporate trainer. Learning to say no is one of her biggest challenges when work tips the scales heavily. Nothing is more important than family time – one of her stern rules is that cellphones are banned from the meal table as nothing is more important than people sitting down together. Raising kids, she says, is the most terrifying and wonderful thing she has ever done.

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