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Happiness_Joy_LaughterLaughter & Happiness

Provides practical tools for better living. Shareen discusses current research related to the science of happiness and laughter and introduce ideas and tools that actually make you feel happier. The session is interactive and participants feel energized and happy immediately after the session. She covers topics using the lens of positive psychology, including giving ourselves permission to be human, simplifying our lives, recognizing the mind-body connection, and re-focusing on the positive.

Success AND Happiness

There is a common misperception around the relationship between happiness and success. Lots of research illustrates that contrary to what most people think, success does not lead to lasting happiness. The opposite, in fact, is the case: happiness leads to success. When we increase our positive experiences, we enjoy a whole of benefits, including increased motivation, better relationships, enhance creativity and more. By raising our levels of well-being we can enjoy more success in our personal lives and in our organizations

Coping & Happiness for Difficult Times

The economic crisis, the ongoing market pressures, the globalization of our village, make the task of the leader and the worker increasingly difficult. The success of an organization is only when leaders and employees alike are able to be tough and demanding while being respectful, forming trust among co-workers and when everyone works together as a team ensuring that outcomes are reached. Its often challenging for management to focus on strengths while learning to manage weaknesses, seeing the positive and juggling the day-to-day challenges, all the while keeping an eye on the end visions and goals.

To be successful in a taxing environment people must know how to manage their stress and bounce back from set backs. This session will empower participants with the tools to do so.

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